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Joe Biden and the anti-gunners in his administration have repeatedly violated and perverted the law to assault your God-given rights.

If this NDAA passes, it will hand them another powerful weapon to use against gun owners.

You see, this backdoor gun control requires that every “major component” of every firearm MUST be able to pass through an airport x-ray in such a way that its shape is “accurately” depicted.

One of these “major components” is the “frame or receiver of the firearm” – which the Biden Administration recently attempted to redefine to mean any gun part or parts kit.

The language currently affords gun owners no protection from an administration intent on destroying the Second Amendment…

For example, when GOA analyzed the Biden Administration’s redefinition of the term “frame or receiver,” we found at least 16 parts of a Glock fell within the proposed definition.

Anti-gun Attorney General Merrick Garland has broad power to determine if each of those parts satisfies or violates the 1988 gun control law.

All it would take to BAN many popular guns is for Merrick Garland to declare that a small plastic gun part is a “frame or receiver” and therefore an undetectable firearm.

Currently, this NDAA gun control must be reauthorized every few years or it will lapse, which provides gun owners a degree of protection from anti-gunners intent on abusing its provisions.

But now, anti-gunners are seeking to pave the way for new gun bans by making it PERMANENT, which is why Congress must OPPOSE any NDAA that includes this backdoor gun control.