Range time....feel guilty

I was in the military a long timecago but new to CC and owning my own fire arm. I feel guilty but felt I was long over due for a trip to the range.

I have a mix of defensive ammo due to the shortage and wanted to moake sure it would go through my pistol with no issues.

I shot blazer fmj (40), 20 Winchester silver tip, and 20 syntech jhp.

My gun handled them all with no issues.

This was at 15 and 21 yards. I was varying loading mags with a single round and 4 rounds. I was trying to work on swapping mags and target acquisition. When I loaded 4 rounds I would attempt to put one round in each target.

I know I need to do alot more of this but I am confident I can hit the mass of the body at 21 yards ot less.


That’s great! :+1:

My only comment is I used to never load more than 6 in a magazine and never had a jam. I fully loaded a magazine with JHP one day and discovered I had jamming at the beginning of a full magazine, especially when going full magazine +1. Not saying you will, but if you go back, I recommend you give it a try. You can still do your same drills with a full magazine except the slide won’t always be locked back doing magazine swaps.


I will have to try that the next time. I have done full mags with no issue but not full mag plus one.

The only time I really had an issue was with 90 gr. Rounds from Allegiance. I think that’s who they were by. I got them at the range just because that is all they had. It didn’t like them at all. It either stove piped or didn’t eject them at all.

Since then I have been trying to only do name brand new rounds.

I have some Blazer training rounds, Syntech action pistol and Syntech target ammo for the range.

On the Defense side I have Syntech jhp, Hydrashock and most recently Winchester Silver Tip.

I know how it handles with all of it although due to the shortage some I have only shot from partial mags.

Thanks for the tips.


Starting to rethink my loads. Load ars at 28 but carry weapon 12 & 1, haven’t had any problems however full mag & 1 is a tight fit & have to really slap mag in. Perhaps 11 & 1 is better?


Slapping it in isn’t a bad thing :man_shrugging:t2:.


I’ve been doing similar drills, focusing on mag release and reload.

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I have been trying to do those and also simulate the gun not cycling.

I put the mag in but don’t chamber a round. I lock on the target and then rack the pistol, re-acquire the target and fire 1 round. I want to know I can acquire the target, cycle the action, reacquire the target and fire with rounds on target as quicky and safely as possible.

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