Questions after reading alternatives for AR and AK for home defense

I have a 12 gauge handy for home defense as recommended by the author. It would normally be a secondary tool after my handgun, but the situation will dictate. My question: I have an AK…how do you store it, place it, make it ready for use a a backup or if the situation calls for it? It is currently a “long way away” from the bedroom, living room and family room.

Thanks for any comments or discussion on the possibilities involving this tool.
Note: there are no children in the household. Only two older adults.

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Rifle rack in the closet, one in the chamber if comfortable if not full magazine with the bolt locked to the rear.


I use one of these in my bedroom closet.

Before COVID, I key in the code so all I have to do is twist the knob to open. Then clear it in the morning before I leave for work. These days, since I’m working from home, it’s always at the “ready” unless I’m leaving the house.


Ah ha. I like it. I always have one in the chamber. My spouse is fine with that.
Thanks Sheepdog556


How long does it stay in “standby” after you’ve keyed in the code, @PDA3?

It’s a simplex lock, so it should stay on “ready” indefinitely.


I’ve always found the underside of the dining room / kitchen table to be a handy spot for a long gun and or a handgun or two.




Cool idea. Thanks Craig6

IMO shotgun is the best choice vs. AR, AK because you don’t want your rounds to go through walls and do unintended damage or death. Additionally, a dog is a great alarm system. Dogs will normally sense & hear a person long before they can get into your house to harm you. I always joke that Colt & Remington are better than a house alarm system because not only will they tell me there’s an alarm but they will do something about it.


Thanks Kerry12. I agree a dog would be a great alarm late at night, which would be an extra layer of defense.
When we lost our last dog, a beautiful Samoyed, about eight years ago we seriously considered another. As we were in our early seventies at the time, we agreed it would be just too difficult to raise another “child”. We take that responsibility seriously.
So, we’re just elderly empty nesters assuming responsibility for ourselves and others, if necessary.
Sorry for the long explanation regarding a very good suggestion.


Love the names


Any dog that barks is fine for an alarm. Rescue an old pooch, all good. Put Your ar/ak the same place as your shotgun: if it works for the shotty it should work for those.


Now that’s a Colt and Remington I could take in right now
Love them Puppets. Very beautiful.