Question about USCCA

@Dawn Thank you. We have enough sensationalist headlines, fake news and panic induced comments, we do not need that in our little community. Lets keep it straight. :wink:


You are correct in that wording matters. Legal terms may vary slightly from state to state, but generally theft is stealing something with no person involved.


  • Your car is unlocked in the driveway and a kid comes by at 2am to steal your tennis racket from the backseat
  • Your car is in your driveway, keys in it, running, to warm up because it’s cold outside. Kid comes by and drives off
  • Pickpocket
  • Shoplifting

Burglary is generally entering without permission. Like burglaring a home when there is no one there. When someone IS home now thats a home invasion and a totally different situation. Same with a car, if you steal it when no one is in it thats one thing, but if there are people inside the car thats totally different.


So here’s a question, @Sheepdog556, and everyone else:

Let’s say that my car is parked in my driveway all snug for the night. In the wee hours of the overnight a pair of well-known local jack-a-napes quietly break into said car and make off with my stereo, sunglasses, and secret stash of Oreo’s. Being a forward thinking, well prepared fellow, all of this is recorded by my perfectly placed HD security cameras. The footage clearly presents the faces of the scofflaws for certain identification. Too add icing on this criminal cake, the security camera footage from a local pawnshop clearly shows the same two ne’er-do-wells offer up their ill gotten loot (sans Oreos) in exchange for ready cash.

Open and shut, slam dunk, Bob’s your uncle, right? Except the Philadelphia authorities have stated they will “delay” making an arrest for this class of crime.

Here’s the question: Once the emergency situation has resolved and we’re all back to business as usual, once the evidence is presented will they bother to make the arrest? For a non-violent, relatively minor crime of low dollar impact which was likely covered by insurance? Or is this policy a de facto “free pass” to petty criminals under their jurisdiction?

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I’m sure they will get a pass. It’s already been proven that they are more concerned with making felons out of gun owners instead of going after the real problem.

I agree with your point. I doubt they will out much effort into these “petty” crimes. My concern is what these petty crimes will grow into.


I really hope you’re not right, @Sheepdog556.


In the emergency situation, loss of transportation, or theft of food or medication from the car may turn out very very dangerous for the victim.

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I don’t want to be right. But I don’t want to unprepared if I’m not. So I’ll continue to plan for worst hope for the best


That is a good way to look at it, @Sheepdog556. I’m the same way. :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents - I am hold up in the house, my truck is on camera. In Palm Bay Fl. we are having some - not a lot of daytime break ins. My thoughts are as long as they stay outside they are good. If they come into the house I will have to introduce them to my little friend. Mike T.


@Sheepdog556 My concern also, we just saw what New York Bail Reform Law turned into. :roll_eyes:


It sure was nice of them to include a list of what crimes were going to be ignored by police. :crazy_face:


Stuff defense as you call it, can be justification in some states where the car is similar to castle doctrine

. Castle doctrine - Wikipedia

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It was rhetorical hyperbole. not ment to incite panic, but to cautionary. It clearly didn’t come across right. Mea Cupla!

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Sadly it be low (no) priority. Especially if there were no bodily harm.

Remember, it would not be the fault of LE, they do what the higher ups tell them to do.

Very true that each state and each persons Morales are gonna dictate how each scenario will play out. As a general rule of thumb stuff defense isn’t justified in taking a life.

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I concur with it not being justified in most cases. Waking up and someone being in your house though would be, regardless.

FYI, it says “Marshall Law a possibility”, along with suspension of civil liberties.

Someone breaking into an occupied home is a completely different discussion than someone stealing a radio out of a car.