Pros and Cons of Manual Safeties

@Thad thank you for sharing that video. It should probably be required viewing for people new to pistolcraft.


I’m in the same camp as you @AdamJ and @Dawn. I steer clear of some “debates”, but am also of the belief of no external manual safety. If someone wants one, that’s their business; my question would be why do you feel the need to have one? If they say it’s just that they’re afraid the weapon will go off for no reason, then they probably shouldn’t be carrying until they’re comfortable with it. That statement would indicate that they are not.

I carry IWB and am able to holster/unholster while standing up, sitting in my truck, walking etc without the slightest fear that I’ll have an ND. I tell people that if they’re leery of that, they need to handle their weapon of choice much more, dry and safe, to get comfortable with it.

In reality, I’m just as comfortable handling my firearm as I am my cell phone; actually, more so. I hate cell phones and know more about my firearm than I do those, but you all get the point.


SOLD!!! I had the opportunity of firing a Glock 19, 23 and 43 two weeks ago. I liked them. The owner, my friend, told me about the 3 safeties built in the 43. That’s the one I particularly have my eye on. I bought a Taurus PT 111 G2 specifically because it was inexpensive and the safety was inconsequential except I was already trained with the external manual safety. I’m comfortable without it knowing the safety built in and the gun being holstered.


Nice. My wife literally just got out of the class to get her certificate to apply for her LTC. Although live fire is not a requirement in MA, I signed her up for one through our NRA chapter, GOAL. They had them fire .22, .38 and 9mm. She told me out of all of them she liked the 9mm best and the instructor let her use his gun, which was a Glock 19. She liked that one best.

If I didn’t carry an HK VP9, I’d most likely carry a Glock 19. Unfortunately in MA, we can’t buy the newer generations of Glocks from a dealer. I think we can buy up to Gen 3. We can buy anything private party though. Basically what that means is you pay a premium price for Glocks. You can’t even begin to imagine the price of an AR here!

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With proper training, releasing the saftey doesnt even feel like an extra step. When getting into a stress situation, you dont want negligent discharges. Add to that running away, possibly with your gun in hand, tripping can be a real thing, and we wouldnt want a finger hitting the bang switch on the way down. My example would be the scene in World War Z, when the guy runs back into the airplane , slips amd shoots himself.


I’ll have to watch that movie again, @Jonathan1!

And I totally agree tripping can be a real thing - I haven’t done it with gun in hand thankfully.

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Admitting this is a bit embarrassing but I definitely need to practice with my manual safety. I’ve forgotten to engage it and uningage it several times which is why I’m looking into buying a Glock.

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1911, .45. Ambi-manual. Love it. Train with it. Draw from holster, bring to sight picture as thumb drops the safety. Train, train, train. I don’t even need to think about it.