Pros and Cons of Manual Safeties


I’ve had a lot of people ask me about manual safeties. When I started carrying, I really wanted my gun to have one. The more I carry, the less I want an extra step to be necessary for engagement.

Here’s some food for thought:

What’s your preference and why?

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My revolver has no safety other than my trigger finger.

All others have some form of safety. I like them, added safety since I carry with one in the chamber.

If im in an area where I think it could be a hazard. I can release the safety without anyone noticing.

My G2C is my first and only striker fired, all others have hammers which I prefer, double action hammer forward full trigger pull on first shot. Has to be an intentional on the first shot. My 1911, single action. Hammer at full cock, safety on.

I train to release the safety on the first part of the draw.

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I prefer not to have an external safety and feel fine without one. I carry a striker fired pistol (VP9). A lot of people don’t realize that most guns come with other internal safeties. The VP9 has four I believe; trigger, firing pin, disconnector and disassembly. Either way, whatever a persons preference, thay should be doing lots of drawing drills with proper trigger finger discipline, and releasing the external safety if their gun has one.

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I prefer no safety my wife prefers a safety the reason she does is she is not as proficient in handling firearms as i am.

I dont think one or the other is any slower or better. Train with what you’re going to carry and you’ll get faster with it.

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Revolvers, and striker fired guns I prefer no manual safety. On single action guns, 1911 style, yes. They were designed by JM Browning to be carried cocked and locked.

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When I first started to carry I wouldn’t even consider firearm without a manual safety. As time passes and, my comfort level increased I started being more comfortable with options other than manual safeties. Now my preference is a da/sa without a manual safety. Eventually I would like to get a Beretta 92G but, until then I am perfectly content with what I have.


I will carry both… but i prefer manuel safety… if you train with draw drills, the safety is a automatic reflex and you never think about it…

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I mostly carry the M&P line by S&W, I always opt to not have an external safety because the M&P line has a hinged trigger, this acts as a safety, IMO in a real life situation where every fraction of a second can count, an external safety can get you killed. We try to be fluid in movement, and rely on our training to engage the threat. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a gun with an external safety, if you do, you should train with it. In competition when I’m shooting CDP (single stack 1911), we have to start with the safety on, so I do train with one, but my preference is without as it saves me about a half of a second in my time if I’m smooth with my run.


I carry an M&P 40c, a Massachusets mandated 10 lb trigger, and no external safety. I carry chambered, and feel confident to not need a manual safety. Someone I know had a Ruger LC9S, and the trigger was ridiculously light. I might want a thumb safety in that instance. A 1911? Yes. A Sig P938? Yes. For me, it depends on the firearm.


I’ve gotten use to that 10.5 lb. trigger, I actually kind of like it on my CC, I see a lot of folks change the trigger out on their CC, big mistake if they ever have to use it to defend themselves,they will say that you had intent to use deadly force, all of my carry guns are 100% stock, no add on’s of any kind. You do get use to it. I’ll try to post a video of how I train with my CC, it’s with an M&P Sheild in .45 cal.

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I still can’t seem to upload a video, it says it has to be a Jpeg, says I’m not authorized. I have to figure out how to change the format.


I see a use, I prefer a striker fire for CCW, but for hammer fire pistols I would prefer a manual safety with a decocker for carrying with one in the chamber.

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My preference is my mind telling my finger to stay away from that trigger when not at the range, or facing any threat.


I like the manual safety. I’m looking at the various types for future ccw. But for now I’ll stick to my entry level PT111 features. On active duty I only once holstered a loaded 1911 to guard some really dangerous ordinance some to blow stuff up. My favorite funtime activity next to firing a 50 cal. Seriously looking at Sigs. Still researching.

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Sorry about the foul language. That’s what we say in the Army. But I edited it to something more palatable.


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Here’s a video that explains my view of manual safeties.


This page is full of opinions. So here is one of my own. I’ve attached a photo of the only safety you’ll ever need.


I’d argue there are two required safeties, @AdamJ.

Here’s the other one.



Lol… @Dawn!!! True.