Proof that the ATF Has No Problem Killing You

F*** the ATF. They need disbanded. They are a corrupt gang.


Unfortunately it’s no shocker to most of us to find out this
poor citizen was just another ‘HIT’ in this administration parade of Tyranny. It was tried to be explained away by some but the majority doesn’t buy it and never will. For whatever reason(s) this Crusty Clown show wanted him dead and sent their goon squad and terminated him. Sadly it fits their twisted ideology.
We are in it folk’s , and the sooner you people wrap your brains around this the whole world will change for you. This ISN’T a different political
stance and something we just have to accept. This is EVIL in human form. Good people are being killed. This Invasion is PLANNED. The weaponization of Every Agency is Planned. They want us disarmed and cowed. They want total control over us.
Stalin would be so proud.
Thank you Leo for the Topic.


Wait! Wait! I’ve seen this movie.
Mr “Malinowski” ( aka UC Agent Smith ) was working for said alphabet agency, supplying guns to the cartels, when he accumulated enough knowledge and leverage against said alphabet, they took him out.
Rule number one, ALWAYS ELIMINATE the assassin!
The End!
I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, there are no such things as LOOSE ENDS! Cue the music!

Mr Malinowski was whacked :exclamation:This is why I don’t sleep anymore!
I have no routine and I lost all my guns at sea!


Yep it looks like the brown shirts in germany in 1939.


Please examine the known facts before diving down this rabbit hole. Reading the KARK News article that links to the warrant pdf which gives a pretty clear picture that ATF had legitimate probable cause for the warrant based on the appearance of Malinowski possibly engaging in unlicensed gun dealer sales over several years.

  1. The warrant was NOT a no-knock warrant, required notice, was and only valid from 6 am to 9 pm. It was served shortly after 6 am.
  2. The affidavit submitted to get the warrant showed strong probable cause to search for evidence that Malinowski was operating as an unlicensed gun dealer, such as picking up guns purchased on at a local FFL dealer, signing the 4473 claiming they were for him personally, then reselling them within 24 hours after signing the 4473.
  3. The reports have been that Malinowski fired the opening shots through his closed front door, thus being the one who started the gun fight. Apparently he had a Ring camera doorbell, so could have seen them approaching.

I am as opposed to the very existence of ATF for a variety of solid reasons as others here, but this particular case does not add credibly to that list of reasons. Our arguments fir shutting down the ATF are stronger when solidly valid.


Justified or not, this is how easy it is. When a single 'Government" entity makes the determination if charges are warranted or not we, the huddled masses, have lost all control, all input, all everything.
When a single government entity makes the rule, and decides if teh government agents should sit in front of a jury, like the rest of us would have to, We The People have lost.


It looks like we are guilty until proven inocent .well auto correct will kick in some day.


"Rabbit holes’ come in all shapes and Agencies Brother…
Don’t be so fast on this one to Pooh Pooh the instincts of
your fellow Gunner’s here.
If these murderous Agencies follow the ‘Long line of Innocent Dead men and Women’ this might just be another notch in their gun stocks.
(and my tin foil hat is in my armory today not on my head.)