Progressive backfire: more crime = more guns

My apologies, I know we’ve discussed the correlation between crime and firearm sales many times in the past, but I couldn’t find a recent topic to put this in. Search failure on my part.

Progressives Convinced Us to Get a Gun - WSJ

This OpEd is from today’s WSJ. It’s from an anti-2A advocate who’s wife bought a firearm to protect their house. They realized the police couldn’t protect them, and unfortunately had a specific case where a criminal was released and killed the wife’s sister. The writer also discusses the rise in crime and lambasts the trendy policies of the left (his own side of the aisle).

It is disingenuous and hypocritical to argue that Americans should disarm themselves while at the same time depriving them of protection against those who would inflict a kind of anarchy on us. Society can’t thrive if it won’t stand up for itself.

I don’t think this is a surprise to any of us, here. We’ve discussed many times how the anti-2A folks spread fear, but that same fear simply leads to more gun sales. (President Obama was often mocked as the “world’s greatest firearm salesman.”) This article represents just one anecdotal story, but even the anti-gun folks are started to get it.


It is not the gun it is the training. It is not a game it is game on. Stopping the threat.

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I never thought that I needed a firearm, I always carried a knife and I thought that was sufficient. However after what was happening in 2020, it made me rethink my views. in January of 2021 I started researching firearms, In April I bought my first firearm and joined USCCA (after researching other options). What anti-gun people don’t see is how owning a firearm is not this scarry thing if you get the training to learn how to use this tool correctly, and wisely. I’ve successfully, lost my unfounded fear of firearms yet retained my respectful fear of firearms. However I believe our current administration is the best “gun salesmen of all time”. My older brother was a big time “gun guy”, he was big in Cowboy shoots, when he passed away in 2001 his wife offered me some of his revolvers but I turned them down. I’m kicking myself now. It’s not that I was anti-2a, I just thought that the law enforcement had us covered. That opinion has changed.


Like many other subjects in todays America, it’s the pendulum effect. Too much enforcement lock everyone up swings to Too little enforcement and let everyone out. I suppose some of it “looks” like the right thing to do at the time until we see the effects then we over react/correct.


I’m glad you joined us!


Here’s another…
Gun Sales Surge in States Suppressing Firearms |

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A good read with my morning coffee. The anti-gun folks may get it but will they commit to it? That is, will they back down from their gun control antics. In the short-term I doubt it. Things will have to go from bad to worse for that light bulb to go off.


I’m an outsider looking in who doesn’t belong to either party, but I know the Democratic Party has been in a quiet civil war for quite some time, as the more traditional liberal Democrats battle the progressives for control of the party. It seems like the progressives are winning, but that may just be headlines and bluster. I think they’re over-reaching on a number of different fronts, and it’s pushing more traditional Democrat voters away.

It could be, as you said, that it has to get worse before it gets better. My guess is that it’ll have to get really bad for enough Democrats to tell the progressives to go somewhere else, or maybe split off and start their own party. Of course, it would help if the Republicans would get their own heads out of their collective butts and give Americans better choices.


Sounds like a deflection to me. We went from Obama to Biden each are far left thinkers with far left staffs. The right went to Donald, a far right thinker. What I think will make the difference is reality. Border, Economy, Security, Liberties… Argue all you will, each party has good and bad ideas in these subject. As far as the media goes, they are have a hell of a good time playing ignorant Americans like fiddles, tell them how to think, tell them how to react and if you disagree with them they Cancel Your A$$.


I think both parties are pushing the center away. The problem is there are no other viable options to choose from.

I did just read an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. Many of his positions and talking points sound like they came from a Republican campaign add. I had to double check to make sure he was actually running as a Democrat. Poles show he has 20 percent support amongst Democratic voters. That’s a pretty big number considering the only press he gets are stories saying he is just a crazy conspiracy theorist anti vaxxer.

He is probably just another kleptocrat pretending to be for the people but I like a lot of what he is saying. Unfortunately, given what he is saying, his election bid will likely end the same way his father’s did if the military industrial complex thinks he might actually have a chance of winning.