Productive Podcasts

What podcasts do you listen to?

They don’t have to be solely firearm-related.


Sheepdog church security podcasts.


Sheepdog Church security
Elevation with Steven Furtick
Door Bumper Clear
Dale Jr. Download

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Civilian Carry a Radio
The American Warrior Show
I check out a few others, but not consistently.

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Haven’t really gotten into podcasts, unless you count the constant running commentary in my head.

(Shut up.*No, you shut up!*I’m not shutting up!Both of you shut up!! *He started it.*No I didnt!Well I’m finishing it!!!)


Gun Talk (replay of Sunday’s radio show since I typically don’t listen live)
Cleared Hot
Drinkin Bros

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The funny thing - well, funny to me 'cuse I see the elderly/younger generation story playing out here - is, I’ve only recently gotten over 1) NOT wanting to do podcast by computer, or even that supercomputer called a cell phone, and 2) Now just say: “Alexa, play the xyz podcast for me…” and voila… easy-peasy!

I’m such an old fuddydud these days! And just dang, I was there running punch cards and fortran in Jr. High to playing with VIC20s and 1st gen Sinclairs! PODCASTS Fer’Cry’sake!

Thanks for the ‘reading list’ folks; most appreciated.

edit: Just to add, “The Daily” from NY Times


F1 racing is one of my favorite distractions. The Parc ferme has an excellent podcast.

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The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show podcast

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Tactical Tangents…with Jim and Mike👍


I gave them a try. Great podcast. Thanks

The ones I listen to are

  • Conan O’Brian Needs a Friend
  • Mobituaries
  • The Gun Collective Podcast
  • Concealed Carry Podcast
  • Bearing Arm’ Cam & Co