Pride Festival - Near My Condo

I walked around over there yesterday. Believe me, the pictures in the news article do not accurately illustrate what I experienced. The pasties and ‘G’ string and banana hammock thing was everywhere, worn by both boys and girls. The thing that really stood out was “We are here to educate and gain your acceptance”. Not a single word about “acceptance” of any other ideology. The other thing that was prevalent was how rude the general masses were, they’d walk right into me, make no attempt to share the sidewalk. One interesting thing I witnessed was the Christian protesters, looked to me like there was a cop assigned to each one of protester, there were at least as many cops as there were protesters…


Anything to get dressed up and go downtown??? The biggest thing we had here was a bunch of Native Americans having a BLM rally with not a single Black person in sight. I kid you not. WTF???


Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them. Rom 1:32

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The msm do not show the actual depths of their vial acts, because they know most will be appalled by the debauchery.


I’d like to judge this festival by metrics similar to how we often judge rallies like Richmond had a couple years ago, and the like…was it a safe place to be? Any violence or property damage occurring? Was the place trashed afterwards?


Drove by there this morning, looks like a 3rd world nation. The amount of litter on the street is astounding.


Ya know, the Amish have a practice called “shunning”. It seems to work very well for them.


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Then, they all go to the party street and things get Western…

I’m more worried about why anyone would protest them. They are not pride parades, they are large outdoor parties, where alcohol is tolerated.

But it’s important to remember the history of “why it started”, as is our July 4th history. Talk about behavior & litter, from “all” mass gatherings.

Not all gatherings. At rights rallies it is stressed to not only police your own trash, but any other found in the area - to leave the area cleaner than when we got there. The 2020 rally at the Richmond capitol, even the news reported that the downtown area was cleaner when we left than before we got there. There were tens of thousands of people at the capitol and the surrounding couple blocks. Tens of thousands of firearms, no shootings, no violence - not a “mostly peaceful” protest, but an actual nonviolent, peaceful rally, and no police in riot gear, just regular uniforms.