President Trump's "Unified Reich" scandal

If you’ve been paying attention to any mainstream media news, you have heard about this one.


No worries, he’ll be jailed by the end of June, typical third world operation! They’re going to make it look like an accident!
I watch wwaaay too much television!
Let’s ask Epstein…


Ya know? When did everyone subscribe to the notion that if you make someone look bad it makes one look good?

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That Sir Defines politics in The United States Today. Doesn’t matter if you’re stupid, senile, criminal, from here, right/wrong, are lacking in morals or anything like that. What matters is, are you mean, are you gay, are you a minority, do you check enough boxes. That’s how we got Joe, free stuff and inclusion.


I saw this this morning, I hated the fact that they wouldn’t show the actual video, just that cropped in image.

Then after nazi scaremongering try to associate the video with Trumps direct approval, they’d close the spot with a real quick disclaimer of;

“the video was made by a 3rd party, and was briefly posted by trumps media team, then quickly removed ”


IMO, the Trump campaign should sue every media outlet who aired those bits for defamation of character.


It’s amazing what they do to influence people. Do your own research and make the best decision