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When less-than-lethal force may resolve a situation, it’s good to have options. And PepperBall launchers large and small can be a great self-defense tool when deadly force isn’t called for. PepperBall launchers offer greater standoff distance than a Taser, as well as the ability to deliver multiple follow-up shots. The demand for PepperBall launchers, much like that for guns and ammo, outran supply initially. However, supply has been catching up. And the new PepperBall Compact single-shot launcher would make a great addition to everyday carry gear.

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I like options.
Just be careful with less-than-lethal, y’all. Police departments have caused serious injuries and even death with pepper balls. It’s rare, but it can happen. Although I imagine it’s a lot less likely with a single shot than with an FN303.

I agree with the injury but I have yet to find any information on a pepper ball causing death. Do you have a link to the information where a pepper ball launcher cause death?

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@141Chris This is the only reference I could find. The pepper ball gun used by police have a much larger CO2
cartridge then these referenced in the article and can be adjusted for power. :+1:

Pepper spray balls , which have been used to quell recent protests, can be deadly when used incorrectly. In 2004, a 21-year-old Boston woman was hit in the eye and killed by a pepper spray pellet fired by police to disperse crowds celebrating the city’s World Series win. … Panicked crowds can cause crush injuries.Jun 3, 2020

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Thank you for the information

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