Pause democracy in order to save democracy

Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelensky has decided that he needs to pause democracy in order to save democracy. Or something like that.
ZeroHedge has the story, and according to the latest report from Ukraine, the country is pausing its elections because they’re in the middle of the war in Ukraine, per the current president’s order.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told BBC last week that there will be no Ukrainian presidential election in 2024 if martial law is still in effect, The New Voice of Ukraine reported.

Zelensky’s five-year term is due to end in 2024, but his comments suggest that it will be extended indefinitely if the war isn’t over by then. He made similar comments about Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, which are due to be held in October of this year, in an interview with The Washington Post last month.
How convenient that Zelensky can just keep being president until the moment he lifts martial law. It’s almost like a hack in the system.
He can stay in power as long as the country stays at war.
Just another perverse incentive for Zelensky to shun any peace talks and continue the war.
But we have to fight Russia in order to save Democracy !
More from ZeroHedge:
After declaring martial law, Zelensky took steps to consolidate his power, including banning the main opposition party in Ukraine’s parliament, Opposition Platform For Life, which held 44 seats at the time. He also banned ten other opposition parties and nationalized the media.
You aren’t alone in noticing something fishy going on here.
Elon Musk also seemed perplexed about Zelensky’s position.
But let’s listen to the NeoCons! Keep funding Ukraine! Ukraine good, Russia bad, freedom and democracy! Yay!


That’s a shame. It would have made a bold statement if they had been able to press forward and have fair elections despite the war. And the people of Ukraine would have gotten a say on who they want to lead them to victory (or defeat).

It sounds like he borrowed this idea from the U.S. Remember when Bush said he had to sacrifice the free market in order to save capitalism?


Those of us of a certain vintage may recall similar events associated with the Diệm regime – suspend democracy to save democracy. Beaucoups arms and money (and boots on the ground) shoveled to corrupt regimes. But hey, we’re printing the money anyway, so what could possibly go wrong.

In addition to the boatloads of weapons and money we’re sending to the Ukraine, I suspect that we’ll eventually see “advisors” in the Ukraine if Russia does not implode into civil war.


It’s like all of the sudden people are saying “What?!?! Vlodomyr Zelensky is corrupt?!?!? I’m shocked! I thought he was a fighter for democracy and freedom.” Vlado attacking Ukraine didn’t change the ideology of the Ukraine Government officials. Zelensky, being the expert politician and flimflam man he is has turned this in his favor.


Like Covid.
If emergencies make people give up their freedoms,
let’s create more emergencies :man_shrugging:t4:


I’ve been very suspicious of the policy towards Ukraine. Seems to be a call back to a policy that didn’t go well for the United States vis a vis Vietnam.


Happy 4 year anniversary on this community!
Thank you for all your contributions @Zavier_D!

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Happy Anniversary brother! We sure appreciate you being here. Thanks for all your great posts.


I am extremely happy to see some of the people finally saying Voldormort
is corrupted/EVIL/a puppet etc etc. “Who is he to (do what ya’all said above”)
(yes, yes I spelled it that way on purpose) Harry potter fans get it.
He who should NOT be in power is just another ‘fixture’ INSTALLED by the global Elite.
And if you notice it’s happening World Wide. I am NOT a huge fan of Putin and The
Russian Bear but (for me) he is NOT the enemy/threat people have always made them out to be.
Macron (France) is just another puppet like Zelensky, but I don’t like this Muslim
‘UPRISING’ one bit (there are too many here ,right now for my comfort) that could start the same sh–.
TRUMP had 75K+ attendees starting to line up in the early morning hours just to hear/see him.
Desante’s had ‘Crickets’, …um somewhere else (who cares). People in AMERICA are hopefully
starting to see this government for what it is (and isn’t).
But I am concerned that their favorite resident-in-chief is failing before their eyes and they refuse to see/believe it. I look at Zelendevilsky and almost see horns coming out of his head. O’Bidet also.
Is my compass broken? Is my take on this so far off I can’t see the forest from the trees?.
I seriously hope not, but all the shots to the head I’ve taken, (3) concussions, PTSD/Anxiety, (13+ major operations (and the subsequent anesthesia dosing’s) years of Med’s and alcohol intake sometimes makes me question if I am the only one who see’s these bastards for who they are?. Or am I a possible candidate for the Rubber Gun Squad? And I wasn’t possibly sane to begin with to ‘CHOOSE’ my profession that I did instead of being a Grocery Store manager or Sticky floor store porn attendant. (Could have happened…glad it didn’t, but could have). :crazy_face:
My stories would have been far different today had they and I might not have joined USCCA, I could be posting on Oprah’s or Martha Stewarts baby dismemberment channel. But I digress…
(As I often do).
It’s just so clear to me the course of action we should be taking and who is on our side (and more importantly who isn’t).We NEED to remember the names of the 'stirrers and Rhino’s) that are keeping Justice from being served @ the ends of the rope. I never thought of myself as blood thirsty but I never blanched @ blood shed. And it was all gravy when it wasn’t mine or my people’s.
We ( all of us) have talked about Not wanting an armed confrontation, rebellion, CW) Joking about NOT wanting another Tee shirt. But right here right now I just don’t see any way around taking some kind of action. If we wait for all these ‘Committee’s’, panels, Investigations etc. We may be all ‘another brick in the Wall’ or in the ground and this country decimated… So, anytime I see something like this what LEO2-three posted here “Pause democracy in order t save democracy” by Zelensky makes me hope I am not the only guy saying 'Lets just lay waste to the bastards before they do i tto us".

thanks for listening guy’s.
I feel the need for some more Grillin’ and less babblin’
I’ll see you all on the flip side.
Peace Out


Sorry, Mark, we aren’t “printing” money to have the amount of paper to cover the debt. We are way past printing. I had a printing company for 25 years in addition to my other career and one cannot run all the presses in the country fast enough to print a zillion dollars or whatever they call beyond 1000 billion $. It’s all done with the push of a button on a computer. Push the magic button and presto chango! A zillion pesos added the exchequer. Or a hundred zillion. None of it is worth anything. It’s supported by the good faith and integrity of the U.S. federal government. Excuse me while I throw up.


I’ve been reading about how Germany dealt with hyperinflation in the 1920s when electronically generated money was not available. There were contracts with printers and public angst about how to print enough currency or issue notes of large enough denominations to deal with rapidly accelerating daily inflation.

I fear we are on the same trajectory given that government has no fiscal discipline.

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I have a curious economic / historical question, but don’t take this the wrong way.
Did the fascists actually help lift Germany out of their post-war depression?

Would Germany have recovered faster or slower had Hitler not come to power?

As a believer in free markets, I like to think that the National Socialists were not responsible for helping Germany recover. Perhaps the only significant contribution they made was telling the rest of Europe where to stick it. But I have never really studied the topic, and I could be way off. I think it’s a question people are afraid to answer, in case the answer is yes. (They think we’re so stupid that we’d think this made everything else Hitler did ok, or something.)

I don’t believe the National Socialists had anything at all to do with stopping the hyperinflation, but the currency collapse certainly helped put them in power. That’s one of the big lessons of German hyperinflation – government will also collapse with the real possibility of being replaced by totalitarians who come to power with the claim they can/will fix things.

What ended it was series of re-issuance of the German mark and efforts to peg the mark against something of known value. For example, at one point, the mark was pegged against mortgages (the Rentenmark), rye (the Roggenmark), gold (the price of rye in the current market price of gold), etc. Germany went through several central bank chiefs each with a plan for stabilizing the mark and each consumed with borrowing and printing marks to pay Germany’s war debt.

Germany financed its WWI effort by leaving the gold standard at the start of WWI in contrast with France that financed its war efforts with income tax receipts. Because German industrial infrastructure was not destroyed in the war (unlike France), at various points Germany resorted to paying its war debt in kind – coal, steel, etc.

Other countries have done the same. If you travel in Mexico, you may be given change in “old pesos” that the Mexican government printed in 100,000 peso denominations only to recall them and replace them with “new peso” notes with lower nominal values. Happened to me on my first business trip to Mexico City in the 1990s. When I traveled in Turkey in the 1990s, I usually came back with a handful of 1 million lira Turkish notes (worth a couple dollars) and gave them to my nephews as a gag Christmas gift. Like Mexico, Turkey periodically recalled and re-issued the lira.

When Greece ran into trouble with its borrowing, it simply expropriated (stole) a fraction of everyone’s bank savings. When people stopped paying the Greek government taxes, Greece used utilities to collect taxes.


It is a part of the law, in Ukraine, that was established prior to Zelenskyy:

Article 19. Guarantees of legality in the conditions of martial law

  1. In the conditions of martial law, the following are prohibited:

changing the Constitution of Ukraine ;

amendment of the Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea ;

conducting elections of the President of Ukraine, as well as elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and local self-government bodies;


President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko
May 12, 2015
No. 389-VIII

The translated text can be found here:

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Thank you everyone. It’s been almost 7 years. I’ve dropped my coverage on 2 separate occasions as I was not happy with decisions the USCCA made concerning benefits. But both times the USCCA made upgrades.


The difference between Germany during the Weimer regime and the U.S. during the Biden regime is that Weimer Germany didn’t have computers. With the present regime all they have to do is make a couple entries in the program and presto-chango! New trillions. I haven’t had an opportunity to count all the currency in existence, but I have been led to believe that if just the ordinary folks went down to their bank and tried to cash out all of their accounts there wouldn’t be enough cash in the system to handle that. That does not include multi-billionaires nor commercial deposits, just personal accounts under $1,000,000.00. My biggest concern is that that the goober mint will declare cash to be superfluous and not legal tender and operate on a universal debit card arrangement where all income will be deposited to your personal debit card and any spending will be withdrawals against the debit card. It will would be a fairly simple transaction. The only hitch would be those folks the dems depend on who don’t have a social security number. I can remember the chaos when the goober mint decided that everyone with a green card needed a new one. There were three locations in all of CA where one could get a new “green” card, LA, Bakersfield and SF. Just imagine everyone from south of the Tehachapies to the Mexican border, from the coast to the CA/NV/AZ borders converging on LA to get a new “green” card. Yes, the lines indeed stretched as far as the eye could see. The goober mint said they didn’t imagine that many people would show up. Just how many “green” cards did they think had been issued in the number of years they had been employed as evidence of legality for residence in the U.S.?

Anyway, with EBT cards for everyone, no need to worry about pesky runs on banks and other financial institutions. You can’t take anything out unless you are spending it on something. Also a lot easier to track gun and ammo purchases, alcohol etc. The information will be contained in that super computer the goober mint has in Utah.


A little historical background. With the start of WWII, all aliens, legal or not were ordered to register at the post office and when they did, received a card stating their status. In 1950, the new “green” card started to be issued to replace the former alien registration form. So by sometime in the 1990s when the INS decided to issue new cards, the “green” card system had been in existence over 40 years with lots of legal immigrants flooding into the country. With its easy access at the southern border, CA has always had a large number of both legal and illegal immigrants. The illegals were due to the abolishment of the Bracero Program which allowed farm workers and other day laborer types to easily cross back and forth across the border. The elimination of the Bracero Program was due to pressure from the unions who helping Caesar Chavez organize the farm workers. So one could say that our problem with illegal immigrants is due to Chavez and his United Farm Workers Union. It’s a long complicated story which I will not present here. I don’t know if you can actually find the real story on line. Nobody want to know the truth. I lived in a basically farming county in CA during the organization efforts and am very familiar with all the sociological problems that developed due to the discontinuation of a very successful program for providing necessary farm labor. And the urban legend the there are thousands of U.S. citizens willing to do stoop labor is just that.


Electronic currency makes the risk of hyperinflation worse and, as Silcon Valley Bank demonstrated, bank runs easier. Silicon Valley Bank had a large number of depositors with accounts in excess of the FDIC insured $250k. Their accounts were used for payroll. The depositors got nervous and started withdrawing their electronic cash deposits on a weekend when the Fed is closed and could not cover the run on the bank. By Sunday, Silicone Bank was bankrupted and had to close.

Electronic money also means that giverment (the correct spelling, BTW) can take your savings if it needs it to cover its borrowing. Greece demonstrated this when it ran into financial difficulties.


Final comment: You don’t understand what I am talking about. I am talking about no cash. all transactions are electronic. You can’t take out the money in your “account”. you can only spend it for goods and services electronically. Everything you spend is tracked in your account. Want to give a tip to the Starbuck barista? There won’t be any tip jar. You will put you EFT (electronic fund transfer) card in the reader and put in the amount which will be credited to her EFT account. Holding currency or coinage will be illegal. Think it can’t happen? It happened in the 30s when Congress and Roosevelt made holding gold coins illegal. Folks had to turn them in for greenbacks. You could only hold coins if they were jewelry. You are probably not old enough to remember when one could take silver certificates which all bills were, to the bank and get silver dollar coins in exchange. If you have a rare silver certificate, try taking it to a bank and see if you get a silver dollar these days. The bills in your wallet are Federal Reserve Notes. They are IOUs from the Federal Reserve. Actually, an IOU from me is probably more secure than the IOU from the Fed. In my lexicon, a goober is something you hack up in the morning when you have a cold. What is coming out of DC these days in my opinion is about the same as something I hack up in the morning during hay fever season.