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not good…

Have not read the article yet, but, I think you might get the award for the most attention-grabbing heading of all time, I absolutely HAD to see what THAT was about!


I am old enough to remember a condition MSM used to scare men into getting the jab : covid penis.

So I hope their injection doesnt work like their mental projection. That younger vaxxed dont shed some deadly protein onto their grandma, that vaxxed shouldnt be blocked from holiday dinner table, that vaxxed wont have to wear a mask for the rest of their lives for safety of others and not be allowed at work place. Everything that happened so far suggests it is possible.

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Seems like it wasn’t that long ago that people who didn’t rush to get the experimental shot were shunned from the holiday dinner table.



About a year between “safe and effective” and “suddendly and unexpectedly”.