Outs-And-Ins For DA/SA Pistols

OUTS - Grip Safeties, De-cockers, Chamber Indicators, Check Windows, Magazine Disconnects INS - Drop-safe, Frame-mounted Thumb-safeties, Front-end Slide Serrations, More Barrel-length Choices The only pistol that comes remotely close to these is is NONE!

I am starting to believe you have a real hatred for Springfield’s, HK’s, and 1911’s. :thinking:


I’m not a big DA/SA fan but seems to me using the de cocker is a better idea than trying to lower the hammer with your thumb while pulling the trigger. That just seems like an accident waiting to happen to me.


What was his name??? aaaaa Alex Baldw…


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This is how you look when you try to use NONE pistols…


I don’t HATE them - I just won’t BUY them! The XD is twenty years old, and needs a facelift - the LEAST they could do is lose the slide-blocking grip-safety, which is also an eyesore. H & K’s thumb-safety looks like an after-thought - and adding the separate de-cocker is just silly. The 1911 is a handicap-waiting-to-happen - it’s incredulous that almost everybody makes clones of it - “Nostalgiasaurus” costs a premium, doesn’t it?


Get BOTH hands on that gun! Dependence on this mechanical device to suddenly lower the hammer on a live round is potentially dangerous, and diverts from following basic gun-handling skills. When I first saw Sig pistols with their ugly de-cockers, I immediately dismissed them.

What about the finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot rule?

Most modern pistols are designed so that the firing pin can’t strike the primer unless the trigger is pulled. Having to pull the trigger to lower the hammer defeats that safety feature.


You could get a replica flint lock muzzle loader.


My old Sig P232 has a decocker. I am very fond of the device. I am, of course, still very careful about muzzle awareness while using it. Does one need it? Probably not. I have never heard of a decocker failing, but I suppose it could.


On my DA/SA Berettas, when using the de-cocker, the hammer doesn’t begin to fall until after the end of the firing mechanism is turned 90°, so the hammer cannot physically fall on the firing pin during de-cocking.

Once that part is turned, the only thing the hammer can strike is the slide. At that point the firing pin is disconnected from end that was turned, making it impossible for the hammer to set-off the round.

As Virgil stated, regardless of that, always point the firearm in a safe direction during that process.


How do you de-cock a 1911? Where’s the indicator, check-window, magazine-disconnect? AARGH! I just paid $700 for this, and it’s a POS! I’m afraid to shoot it, now! It didn’t even come with a pop-up nose-picker! AARGH!

And yet, 1911 sales are probably as high as ever - even Smith makes them.

@KURT17 , I think you should design and start building your dream gun(s) for yourself since there are no acceptable configurations currently available. Who knows, maybe you could market them and put all these crappy firearm manufacturers out of business. :+1:


I love my 1911


Aha - just look at the ELIO car - this was supposed to be made in an abandoned HumVee factory in Shreveport, LA, and sell for $7K - looks like another Tucker, instead. Have you ever seen Advantage Tactical, or SureSights? They’ve been backordered for months, but STILL maintain their websites - no thanks - 60% of all small businesses fail within two years. Savage once tried to compete with Colt - a corporate giant back THEN, - with a unique .45 design - but feel flat on their faces.

Ever owned a new car, which proceeded to nickel-and-dime you, once off the lot?

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The guns themselves aren’t crappy - it’s the add-ons that suck you into buying them. I couldn’t BELIEVE the time it took me to carefully shop and find the ones I was even slightly willing to “settle” on - no $$ for “wall-hangers” here, if I could help it.

Kurt17… Clone of Glock17 with decocker, grip safety and loaded chamber email notification… :wink:


That’s a good one! I want text capability, too… :rofl: including a bright red oscillating light… :rofl: Danger, Will Robinson! :rofl:

[edit] Don’t ask how I know that last line. :rofl: Okay, okay, re-runs. How old do you think I am? :rofl: