Orwellian Phrase Used in Tenn., "Arming Teacher's"

The phrase is being used in an Orwellian way by those opposed to an armed population. It is used by the left to prevent teachers from being allowed to protect themselves and the children in their care. The phrase “arming teachers” has become equated with removing restrictions on the ability of teachers to arm themselves.

This is standard causation reversal by leftists. Teachers are not armed because school administrators and governments have prevented them from being armed.

The Orwellian phrase “arming teachers” is being used to stop a mild reform law in Tennessee, which would allow some volunteer teachers, under severe restrictions, to carry concealed weapons to protect themselves and their students. From the tennessean.com:

You can NEVER believe a single thing this Administration say’s or does.
Everything they do is to Restrict and Over rule us.
The standard joke of:
“I am from the .gov and I am here to help you” fits like a glove for them.
This was a good article.