Oregon Judge


And he keeps his seat?


I’m old enough to remember when “racist” meant something.


Our second amendment being brutally attacked, while we fight back hard using our first amendment rights trying to protect our second amendment rights from these screed legislation bills that anti-2A legislators are trying to impose on us with the most dangerous assault weapon known, the mighty “PEN”.


This is part of an article from the Oregonian:

County Chair Casey Garrett told the Oregonian in the aftermath of the court’s decision, “Our voters showed the desire to pass an ordinance to help better protect our Second Amendment rights. I appreciate that. … But the reality is, counties don’t necessarily get to make those decisions, whether I wish they could or not.”

Eric Tirschwell, executive director of Everytown Law, the legal arm of a gun-control activist outfit, alternatively lauded the court’s decision, saying, “Opponents of gun safety laws have every right to advocate for change at the ballot box, statehouse, or Congress, but claiming to nullify them at the local level is both unconstitutional and dangerous.”

This ruling reportedly may have significant implications for approximately 1,900 counties nationwide that have similarly declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries in states such as Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Illinois, where gun rights are under attack.

The guy from Everytown, aka Bloomberg, will never say more restrictions at the local level is “both unconstitutional and dangerous”. Voting isn’t the only solution to combat the anti-2a crowd, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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All these supposed “racial justice”/anti 2A warriors are conveniently forgetting that many of the anti 2A laws were originally written to keep minorities from exercising their right to keep and bear arms. From the original laws designed to keep former slaves from possessing firearms to the more recent laws designed to keep groups like the Black Panthers from being able to own or carry them.

It is safe to say that many if not most anti 2A laws disproportionally deny minorities the right to defend themselves and more than a few of them are inherently racist.


Few people vote, and election of judges is usually a confirmation vote (“Should ____ be retained in office?”) which almost never kick individuals off the bench. Unfortunately, folks may be rightly outraged by a judge’s decision, but in the real world a judge is a government worker in a job for life.


Another judge in Oregon…
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