Arkansas: Second Amendment Sanctuary Proposal?

Is this a good idea?
2nd Amendment ordinance Sebastian Co. Prosecuting Attorney Dan Shue included a memo from Arkansas attorney Mike Rainwater that cautions the Quorum Court any approval of a Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance like those being proposed across Arkansas would have impacts on law enforcement.
Shue noted in the memo he echoes the concern “with particular attention being paid to the ramifications for the Sebastian County Sheriffs Office in defense of civil lawsuits and search and seizure issues in criminal cases.“ Rainwater’s analysis was on a similar ordinance proposed in Benton County and noted that ordinance would “require a warrant in ALL searches and seizures.”
“This would mean no more warrantless arrests (including hot pursuits) or warrantless searches (including searches incident to arrest),” Rainwater writes.


Does it have teeth? Can it hold law enforcemets feet to the fire??


This would be a similar proposal in Sebastian county


My personal opinion on sanctuary counties or cities is these are just feel good ordinances. The constitution and most state constitutions already have these freedoms and rights clearly written in them. We would be much better served just having the government at all levels state that they will honor the constitution AS it is written. Its as if they believe these sanctuary laws will give us more protection than the constitution.


Exactly my concerns. I sure wished all levels of government would stop violating our Constitution. I’m curious to discover the intent of the ordinance in light of it’s redundancy.


We are trying here in Shreveport La to make sanctuary city but I’m not sure its working! lol

And I don’t mean to laugh at myself but better laugh than cry!


“I drafted this in an effort to provide our counties with an alternative to the Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances that are being proposed across the state,” Rainwater wrote in the Feb. 6 letter.

Rainwater said his draft resolution was carefully worded so counties don’t overreach their authority, but at the same time make it clear that the superiority of the Second Amendment will be upheld by the county over any laws that abrogate it.

“What I’m trying to do is help counties express themselves as they wish but to do so in a manner that’s both legal and constitutional,” he said Wednesday. “County officials cannot support the constitution in a manner that violates the constitution they’re supporting.”


Maybe they’ll do something about Hot Springs’ ordinances against the Second Amendment. Ordinances sure carry weight when they’re favored by law enforcement.


Are you helping to write the law/ordinance? Whether or not it has teeth kind of depends on other state law, so you’d need legal expertise.

In Virginia, after we lost the house & senate to a Democratic majority, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) with lots of help from Gun Owners of America (GOA) got cities, counties, and towns across the state to implement 2A Sanctuaries. VCDL & GOA say what they’ve written has teeth, and I believe it because the Democratic majority have resorted to threatening to remove funding as a way to force counties to comply rather than any sort of legal means.

If I were to make any recommendation it would be to get your local/state 2A group(s) to lead the charge and coordinate with national well funded groups with experts, specifically like the GOA. VCDL may be open to contact as well at least to put you in contact with the right people at GOA.