Opinions on Range Control Times

Looking for opinions on controlling the time at a range.
I’m thinking about 20 minutes Hot then 10 minutes Cold.
I’m at a outdoor range 99% of the time and the place is beginning to beaf up how things are run and control the oncoming numbers of shooters, (snowbirds), during the fall and winter season. (Florida location).

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What is the max distance of the range?


The best thing I have ever seen or experienced is a orange flag. This is used when it is a larger busier range with a lot of people shooting. When a person needs to go fix, move, or do anything with the target you put your flag up notifying the Range Master of your needs. You still have to wait for the range to go cold but this allows the range to remain hot as long as possible too.
They even had you step off the firing line, either in front to work on targets or you go behind.


I like that.
I was holding off on this question, because I tend to go to the range early in the morning, when there aren’t as many people. When there are just a handful of shooters, there’s not much need for time limits. We just wave each other down when we need to go forward, or simply wait until everyone is done and agree to go cold. On a busy range, I can see the need. But I like the orange flag concept.


Pistol range 50 yards - Rifle range 200 yards
My concern is more for the Pistol range, I’m using it 80% of the time and am given RSO duty by the owner, if I see something that needs attention.

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Todd30, the range is already setup with Hot & Cold Flags.
Problem is if only we can get others to use them correctly.


I call cease fire… whenever I durn well please :smile:
I love days like this…320 acres, 7 shooting areas…and me, myself, and I.
Fwiw, state range ran 90 minute sessions, 2 cease fires at 30 minute intervals. Shooting pistol,target could get a bit wasted,and it was a long wait if your target blew off or stand fell over.


Looks like my type of range. Where is this?

Colebrook, CT. nwcsa.org

Today, I learned there are still gun ranges in Connecticut.

Shhh :wink:
Muzzle loaders, single shot shotguns, and pea shooters…paper straws only :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: