A Nightmare, that can happen any day…

I’m literally writing this as I awaken ( 5:26 am ) from this horrible dream, no, not the election or J6 commission.

I’ve gone to my local range on a normal day. It’s crowded with men, women, young adults, some children, not old enough to shoot, and some who identify as “shooters”.

Our targets have been hung and range “master” calls for a hot range.
Immediately everyone starts shooting. I’m fairly patient, I’ve just loaded my first magazine into my precious 1911. I rack the slide, carefully take aim and notice half the people are running down range to retrieve their targets, while people are STILL shooting, In my mind I scream WTF, then out of my mouth comes “CEASE FIRE, CEASE FIRE!, WTF!”
I turn to look at the range master, who gives me this look that says, we’re totally understaffed and who the heck are you to be calling a ceasefire?

As I’m unloading and clearing my own firearm, all the people are looking at me like I’m from the Twilight Zone. The range master turns to me and says “sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
Befuddled with the situation, I double check clear on my firearm, pack up and leave.

I will probably never return or go to an indoor range again!

The moral of this nightmare, is watch your back, understaffing is a b#$ch, Putin caused this and if they are at fault, they will always blame you!

Watch your six. I have extremely strong intuition. The current state of affairs leaves us vulnerable to the likes of the “face in the phone generation!”


As an NRA trained RSO, and member of a large club, universal knowledge is anyone can call a cease fire. There better be a reason for it, unsafe condition, not just a personal convenience. At my club, if more than 1 person at a range, we get a feel for what’s going on, then anyone calls it, we all agree, and someone (usually me or another RSO) makes it official.
As a former public (state) range shooter, I have seen folks start to head downrange while 19 others were shooting, and have seen a guy aim a laser at his hand, finger on trigger, because he “couldn’t see the laser on the target” 10 yards away on a sunny day. 3 RSO’s for 20 shooters, and some days all 3 had separate freakouts.
Headed to my club now. Be surprised if there’s more than 3 of us between 5 areas…the way I like it.


You have probably slept “DOWN RANGE” command away :upside_down_face:

Bad dreams are only bad dreams… however this one showed you were very familiar with range commands and knew how and when to use it…
I’m wondering why RSO turned to be a bad guy in your dream… :neutral_face:




I will say, I have my share of time at indoor ranges over the years, and I have seen a person go downrange when the public/general shooters were present, one time, ever. It was a 4 lane range and an owner came out and called ceasefire one on one with each person there before proceeding downrange. Generally, there are pretty clear barriers that make it extremely obvious you are not meant to go past them. Worst I’ve seen indoors with regards to the red line, is somebody reaching their arm about a foot past to retrieve an item.

Now, OUTDOOR ranges, THAT is where people end up downrange while others are handling firearms (or shooting!) at the line.

Outdoor ranges are more dangerous IME because, well, you go downrange. It’s really on the RSO to be hyper vigilant in this situation and head off possible firearm touching before it even happens


Wow, That would cause a cold sweat for me. :us: