(Only for those who use a bronze bore brush) What is your go-to brand?

My 9mm bronze bore brush is beat. What is your favorite brand, and more importantly, why?


The one on my boresnake, because it’s all I need to keep the barrels in good working order and is super fast and easy to use.

…partial credit? lol


I’m not brand-conscious. I bought the one that’s on sale at a LGS.


I’ve been using Tipton bore brushes for a while, they have worked out fine and do a good job. You can get a pack of three from Tipton here > Best Bore Brushes | Rifle & Gun Cleaning Brushes > select the ‘.35/9mm’ from the pull down menu. You can also get them on Amazon I think as well as other places.


I am with @BeanCounter.
Why¿- to clean my bore, of course.


Real Avid makes some good kit.


I’m trying to find least expensive that fit my rod.
I usually stick to Otis Technology. I’ve got discounted prices and their products are really good.


I buy these on Amazon and keep them in my range bag and cleaning kit at home.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Phosphor Bronze Brush, 9mm Pistol Amazon.com

They fit all my cleaning rods including these Glock rods that are handy for the range bag too. My Smith & Wessons never seem to mind being cleaned with a Glock rod :rofl:


Ended up ordering these. Bronze brushes with brass rods.


I use and trust Hoppes

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Hoppes and Tipton have treated me well so they are my go to brands but I really can’t remember the last time I wore out a brush.


First of all, it’s got to have compatible threads with my cleaning rods–Hoppes and Outers/Gunslick work for me.
These are expendable soldiers, since the solvents that are effective against copper fouling will eventually do a number on the bronze bristles, so I like to have a few spares on hand.
I’ll give extra points if the product says silicone bronze.
I don’t know why, it’s just something to be preferred that I remember from long ago.

Do you clean firearm every week or two weeks?

I’m in a constant firearms cleaning mode. There’s always something (or a few) that need cleaning so I have a dedicated cleaning area on the bench with everything handy at all times. Multiple rods of every length, all sorts of cleaning solutions for different tasks, lubricants, picks, several sets of brushes for pistol, rifle and shotguns and enough patches, bronze and steel scrubbers to last me 3 lifetimes. :rofl:

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For good copper solvents I use nylon brushes. No point in dropping more copper on a surface your trying to get rid of it.

After the bore is totally free of copper then I switch to carbon solvents and bronze brushes. But the sequence changes depending on the firearm, ammo I’ve shot etc. Fouling in a bore is normally laid in layers. That’s something I learned from a world class benchrest shooter friend.