Ohio Stand Your Ground Law Mentioned in Self-Defense Shooting


If their story is true, sounds like they tried to “walk away” multiple times. They were being harassed, then after they tried to get in their truck and leave, the other man tried to grab the door and got his hand smashed. He then pulled a gun, to which they drew and fired. If all this is factual, sounds like a justified case of self-defense, even without the castle doctrine. They were trying to leave.


No “Duty to Retreat” topic and Ohio in an NRA news blog; Does it normally vary by state?

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We need this passed here

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The article does not indicate there were any witness inside the establishment or in the parking lot. If the attacker did not draw his weapon until the two brothers were inside of their vehicle and his hand was caught in the door there should be evidence of his hand being caught in the door. and the weapon should have been on the ground. However if the argument started in the establishment who actually started it. Maybe the brothers was harassing the alleged attacker in the establishment. Either way there should have been witness regardless where the conflict started.
If the alleged attacker did draw his weapon at the vehicle and the two brothers were inside of their vehicle, this would lead me to believe that the alleged attacker did escalate the situation and the brother did have the right to draw his weapon and fire to save his life or both.