Ohio chl flag for leo on drivers license and/or vehicle registration

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thank you for sharing… I made it clear that I am well aware of the duty to inform. I have no intention of hiding anything.

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I live in Mahoning County, Ohio. My neighbor is a County Deputy, and informs me that Yes, Ohio LEO is informed that we have a CHL when they run the tags. Therefore, we must always declare immediately upon being stopped. He also believes the same rule applies in all other states , especially with Ohio reciprocity.


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thank you…good info


Welcome @Bootlegor! Franklin County here


I told my adult son that whenever he drives my car, that, if pulled over, he needs to inform the officer that the car is titled to his Dad, who has the CHL, and that there are no guns on board. I also cautioned him not to make any “furtive” movements prior to the officer approaching the vehicle.

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I just checked the map, and GA, where I live, has reciprocity with OH, however we have no duty to inform when pulled over. I do not know if my CCW permit shows up on a tag check, but I’d bet it does. I don’t think they are supposed to ask, but were I pulled over and the LEO asked, I’d absolutely tell the truth, although I wouldn’t go “YEAH, I GOTS A GUN!”. I have a feeling that would be the start of a real bad day.
Since I carry on my Left side, it would be easy for a LEO to disarm me if they so desired, but I suspect they’d be saying something like “You don’t go for yours, I won’t go for mine.” and that works for me. Needless to say, if I’m pulled over my hands are going to be in plain sight. I’m currently equipped with only the factory installed holes (plus one repair) and I want to keep it that way.


I’m in VA and we have no duty to inform (unless the Governor snuck something through last night) but I have LOTS of police friends both state and local. I have been told by Troopers (State) that they already know if I have a CWP based on my plates as well as a list of driving and other offenses when they run the tags. The local guys may or may not have access to that information and there is no particular method to find out why. After talking with the bunch of them I have a simple policy if I get stopped. Pull over as soon as practicable, roll down the window, tun off the ignition and put the keys on the dash then keep both hands on the wheel until instructed otherwise. I’m not digging in the glove box for registration, digging in my hip pocket for my wallet, nada.

The correct answer to “Do you know why I stopped you?” is “No Sir/Ma’am.” Don’t admit guilt before you know why you were pulled because they will happily add it on to the real reason.

The correct answer to “Do you know how fast you were going?” is “No Sir/Ma’am” Don’t plead guilty before you are charged.

The correct response to “Step out of the car please.” Is to grab your keys off the dash, inform the officer that you are going to unbuckle your seat belt (wait for an OK) get out of the car, lock the door as you do so and close it behind you.

The answer to Why did you do that ?" is “Force of habit, I always lock the door when I get out.” To search your vehicle the Officer must have some sort of probable cause OR YOUR PERMISSION.

Under advice of legal council I have been cautioned to NEVER grant permission. Simply state if asked “NO Sir/Ma’am I do not give you permission to search my car as I don’t want to have to put back everything that you take out on the side of the road.”

AND FINALLY: If you inform the officer that you are carrying and that it is on your person UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES draw the firearm even if asked to present it. Allow them to handcuff you if they must and then they take your firearm but NEVER EVER draw it by your own hand.

Our resident council @MikeBKY who practices law in KY and cannot speak to OH law will certainly have other good wisdom.




I can tell you with absolute certainty the KY LEOs know by tag the owner of the vehicle has a CCL and by driver’s license or State ID the person has a CCL.

@Craig6 gave some great guidelines. I may do it a little differently but same answers in general.
With respect to if they ask to search, my response would just be no. That is followed with “Do you have something to hide?” No … but the answer is always NO.
You are required to give identifying information, Name DOB maybe SSN and address. They can ask where you’ve been or where you’re going but you do not have to answer but you can.