Of booney covers and converting anti gunners

Interesting walk today. Sun is the enemy these days, so my desert camo booney cover is on whenever outdoors on foot. Young woman coming out her driveway, heads my way, gives a big smile and a “I love your hat!” Made me feel good, I smiled and we talked of the hills and crazy winds this past week. I proceeded to the lake where a nice older lady says she likes my hat and where’d I get it? I told her she could get one from a mil surplus store most likely and continued on, feeling like a veritable “chick magnet” :kissing_smiling_eyes: As we’re lapping the lake, I ran into her again, told her to look up “booney hat or cover” and agreed it’s a necessity to cover up with our older skin and crazy sun. We got to talking, I mentioned moving (headed back to TN soon) and mentioned 2A rights as a reason. She says “oh they’ll never take your guns”, typical leftist speak, so I replied "well, it depends which guns, as beto and Biden already mentioned AR’s " …and she was like…“oh yeah.” Then she went into the whole machine gun/weapons of war spiel, and I kicked back and smiled, then explained what one goes through to have a machine gun, the difference between an AR and a “weapon of war” and the fact that we legal folk shoot paper and steel, maybe some cans, no matter what we own. I kept smiling, we really had a good conversation despite her socialist and anti gun beliefs. She was funny, when she said no one should have a gun, I told her I have one on me right now…then got checked out while she tried to figure out where :sunglasses:. Next thing I knew she said she supported legal folks right to bear arms, and mentioned her thoughts of getting a gun herself. Next time I see her down the lake, this conversation will continue.
Stress on defense, but focused on zen, relaxation, recreation, and socialization as well…and kept smiling and happy.