O-Light Explode?

What are y’all’s thoughts on the Olight explosion/ death a couple years ago?

I have a Valkyrie PL Pro something and a couple of their mini single AA flash lights (really great for carry).

I’ve heard the explosion had to do with battery cell failure of some kind. It’s just crazy to think someone could die from a flashlight while working on their car…

Makes me think Sure Fire is expensive… but maybe it is better.


I couldn’t find anything definitive but a quick search seems to indicate that it was the cheap Lithium batteries the owner put in the flashlight that exploded. In the article you linked it also sounds like he may have touched the car battery with the flashlight while it was in his mouth?

Lithium batteries can be dangerous when improperly manufactured or damaged. Don’t cheap out on the batteries, don’t use batteries that aren’t the same brand and age, and check them regularly for signs of damage.

In my personal experience I have found the Olights to be just as solidly built as the American made options that tend to be noticeably more expensive, noticeably less bright and usually have significantly shorter run times.



But, what warning label could have prevented it?

Yes, we’re at this point. :man_facepalming:t4:

Repent. The end is near.


I like my Olights. I agree with the guys above.


I always thought OLight was the most affordable, but I’m finding streamlight to be right around their price (granted Olights prices may have gone up over the years).


I find that story irrelevant to my selection of a flashlight.

If you are worried about a rechargeable lithium ion doing that, buy only name brand, protected cells, and use only single-cell lights or if multi cell make sure you buy new identical batteries and always treat all of them exactly the same. Something like a Samsung 30Q or a Sanyo NCR18650GA from a reputable retailer.


Olight and Streamlight both tend to be made in China and are cheaper than the high end stuff like Surefire, Cloud Defensive, Modlite, etc


I use Surefire and Olight.
Surefire with regular batteries and Olight with rechargeable one.
No single issue after 2 years.

I’d say… even greatest product can fail.
That accident posted happened longtime ago. There was also problem with exploding Samsung cell phone… which is used by millions these days…

Smart thing to do - don’t buy new products, wait few months, read reviews before final decision.
Unfortunately these days we, the users are testers for everything. :neutral_face:


Working hands free I always use a head lamp. But aside from that I use Maglight still. I know they may be outdated but they work well for me


Got 3 pistol lights, the Odin on my shotgun, and 2 flashlights from Olight, including the beast mode Marauder . No issues. Some years back, there was an “issue” with the push switch on the small flashlight making a connection with coins in some anti darwinism individual, so Olight sent out insulators to cover the switch/charging connection, which glows in the dark making it a great bedside light. This light comes with a clip, so you can clip it to your ball cap in lieu of sticking it in your mouth. ffs.