NYPD will issue different guns to new recruits

New recruits in NYPD will be issued firearms with a trigger pull of
5 lbs this October. Current officers will continue to use firearms with a 12 lb trigger pull.

For reference, here are the trigger pull weights of some of the more popular guns today:

  • Sig Sauer 365 - 6 lbs
  • Glock 43X - 8 lbs
  • M&P Shield EZ - 4.5 lbs

Do you think trigger pull weight affects accuracy? If so, what weight should triggers be set to?

What do you think is the best trigger pull weight?

If you’d like to read more about the change, here’s a link to one article: NYPD will issue easier-to-shoot guns to new recruits - New York Daily News


Most of the pistols I have shot have triggers in the 5 to 6 pound range and I’m pretty happy with that.

I recently got a DA/SA P220 that might be 10# or so in DA. It is going to take a lot of practice to get used to that. In SA it is a crisp supposedly 4# pull that feels lighter than that to me and makes the gun very easy to shoot accurately even with the limited practice I have had with it.

The 12# trigger just seems like it would take an incredible amount of practice to master and I’m not sure that all the LEOs in NY City get enough range time to do that.

It is nice that they are giving new recruits guns that are easier to shoot accurately. Are they going to eventually issue more standard weight triggers to the veterans? Seems to make a whole lot of sense to maximize the chances of hitting the target instead of missing and hitting an innocent bystander.

Yes I do.
I think the best trigger pull for defensive / duty handgun is 5lb - 5.5lb.
I shot local Police’s duty Glock 23… 10lb trigger pull. Horrible for me, not bad in LEO hands, but he prefered lighter.

5lb is fine and good for accuracy.
I love my factory setup 4lb in 2011 handgun… but this is SAO, so no needs for heavier pull.

The mayor’s office wanted them to have these.