NY Democrats To Limit Locations Where Concealed Carry Allowable

“allow them to not have to be subjected to someone walking into their workplace or a bar, restaurant with a concealed weapon.”

Lost me right there.
What exactly are they subjected to if a weapon is properly concealed they may never know there was even a firearm in the building…


How about we abort NY from the Union? Just let Kalifornia and NY be their own countries without the benefits of the Constitution! All their problems solved!
What do we need NY for?

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Between the state and city requirements it will probably be a legal minefield to actually carry a firearm. Some of the communities have resorted to doxing registered gun owners for harassment in the past. So, CHL holders will probably face doxing as well.

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I think they will make “No guns” signs enforceable by law. This is not unique to NY.

All of this is 100% unconstitutional…100% against the bill of rights. Why is this being allowed to happen, why was it allowed to happen in the 1st place. This has to be one of the biggest red flags ever.


From Utah BCI FAQ.

What about private businesses? Can they post signs prohibiting someone from carrying a gun into their business even though the person has a concealed firearm permit?

Naturally, private property owners may apply whatever restrictions they want. Whether or not these restrictions violate one’s constitutional rights is for the civil courts to decide. But the only statutory restrictions on a permit holder are secured areas such as airports and federal buildings.

Pretty much says they are not enforceable by law, they can ask you to leave and if you don’t they can say you’re trespassing but not in violation of concealed carry laws.

Love living in a State that Actually understands the 2nd Amendment.


Which part are you complaining about?

I watched a blogger today, and he has a video of going into Manhattan on Nov 7 2020. The day when they called the election. There is a biggest party you have ever seen, the entire city celebrating, dancing, singing, cars honking. All ages, all races. The guy said he had never seen NYC celebrate like this.

Any questions?

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Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Never happy with the status quo, they seek to infect the entire Union.