Now the Regime is Expediting an EVEN FASTER Flow of Illegals using American Taxpayer Dollars

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from these traitors, the sun rises to a fresh hell. Where is the useless Congress?


:smirk:So Resident Joke BiteMe Deministration has found a “Loop Hole” of legalizing illegals now called “refugees” and fly them in already legal to be in America, instead of dealing with illegal border crossings, why didn’t he think of this before! :man_facepalming: Well, Texas Governor Abbott can relax now. :roll_eyes: And America can relax also. Our guests are LEGAL! :innocent: :man_facepalming: :raising_hand_man: Welcome to America! Bien Venidos ah los Estados Unidos! Hope your flight was pleasant! WELCOME!!! :person_raising_hand: :person_tipping_hand: :raising_hand_man: :tipping_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman: :person_raising_hand: :tipping_hand_woman: Fellow Americans, if you have guest homes, spare empty bedrooms in your homes, AIR B&B, make them available for our LEGAL GUESTS!!! Welcome them into your homes with open arms!!! :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :person_gesturing_ok: :ok_man: :roll_eyes: :grimacing: :sob: What is this old Resident DOING!!! :rage:


This my Brothers and Sisters of the Gun will be the SHOWDOWN and Carnage the
likes of which America has never seen (even the Civil War Dead numbers will be surpassed)
On our soil
In our neighborhoods
Our Children will SEE this REAL TIME!
They will be scarred for life for what is about to happen.
Open Warfare in our cities.
Resident Evil now re-coins the ‘Migrants’------‘NEWCOMERS!’
As far as the Far Left is concerned they are already Citizen Soldiers ( How soon before they
fill the ranks of ‘their military’?
They are being given Apartments in NYC
Visa cards, FOOD, Transpo. When will they be given GUNS from our stockpiles?
Do you REALLY think I am out of line here?
The .gov shows NO sign of stopping now
They show ZERO signs of the carnage about to be heaped on it’s Citizenry
And all the Worlds Terrorists are Arriving daily. ‘Happy days are here again…!’
I picked the wrong time to give up Amphetamines’!
If you are new to this Forum and USCCA? You picked a good time to do it.
Find a Mentor , Train up, Learn Situational Awareness, Make those Guns you own a part of you.
You will need them to protect your own Very soon.
Stay Frosty
Where We Go 1 We Go All


First, NM Gov. needs to be impeached before she outlaws all semi-automatic firearms, and leave us with only BB guns and 22 LR firearms (bolt/lever action) with no more than ten rounds. :grimacing:


Brother Ronald,
I believe these cretins are trying to ram home these laws before the SHTF.
That is a belief I hold close to my heart. They NEED to take our guns. NOW
They are already losing a lot of their voter base by trying to give these
people everything they can. THIS will be what destroys them.
The Americans (Black, Hispanic, White are saying HEY! WTF!,All resources
are heading to the New Breed of Invader.
Ms. Grishem is already almost completely ineffective. She’s over stepped. Badly.
And there is push back now. Almost like .gov hairgel, Letitia James, AOC and their ilk.
We are seeing w/ our own eyes there is no FIGHT between our Rights and freedoms
anymore No battle of the Right and Left anymore–They are in cahoots w/ the Top of the Swamp.
They ‘say’ there will be indictments, push back but it’s clear they are together in this Invasion.
(Or it would have been stopped by now)
The British pushed and pushed us…we waited, they pushed some more…we fought! We lost
a few engagements but we learned. Then we found George Washington.
DJT is our Washington.
When the Hellfire is released these people will be shock and awed! Because we will not stop.
The Courageous Lion said:’ We just want to be left alone’
This was true. But you back a Badger in a corner , where he is forced to fight, and you will
be crying and praying to stop and we will not! Not until every Usurper has paid for us to lose
the last vestiges of civility they forced us to give up.
(400+) Million Guns
(300+) Million Americans
I like our odds.



Might as well die laughing! I had to put this here for a little Levity!