November/December 2020 Giveaway: SIG Sauer Experience | USCCA

SIG Sauer was founded 160 years ago as a wagon factory in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland. Today, it’s one of the premier firearms manufacturers in the world.

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I can not wait for the winner’s drawing for this giveaway. Sig, you guys are awesome!

Is there a method of entry using a postcard? I thought I had seen an entry method using mail, but I cannot find it now. Thanks!

Was this giveaway closed? One of the best giveaways I have ever seen and can’t wait to hear who wins!!

I was wondering about this giveaway also! Unbelievable prize!

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The winner has been chosen, I’m waiting on their info to be squared away before giving out any information about them.

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Whoever won, They just won the best dream giveaway iv’e ever seen… truly a once in a life time experience y’all are amazing!

Currently jealous of the winner. Lol.

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This giveaway is still being shown in the newsletter emails. Makes people like me think it’s still available when it isn’t. We already have enough disappointment this year, we don’t need more.

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Who won?