non-resident gun and ammosales

Is it legal to sell guns and ammo in a state that I am not a resident of?

It can depend on the state you are selling in and its regulations.

Is there a specific state you have in mind?


Partially depends on state, ammo is generally not a concern, but it depends what state you are in that will sometimes be a no.

Guns, almost always no unless going through an FFL. Federal law prohibits interstate transfers unless going through an FFL. So if you are in a state that is not your state of residence, or you are transferring to a person who resides in a state that is not your state of residence, you must use an FFL (and even then it might still be no, but that FFL will know)

Also, if it’s a handgun, the person receiving it must take possession via an FFL in their state.




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No issue with ammo sales in Idaho.

But if you are not an Idaho resident, transferring a firearm to a person who is an Idaho resident will have to go through an FFL (transfer of a firearm to anyone who is not a resident of the same state as yourself requires an FFL)


Thanks Nathan