No Country for Old Men

Even if you are not on the same page (or tier) as Elon Musk, you have to admit he knows how stick it to the Left. Yes he’s a billionaire but he’s a damn smart one. I respect his actions. His most recent one aside from this was to fire half his “Election Integrity” staff on X. He believes strongly in the First Amendment. That in itself is remarkable for a man of his status.


This could be the end of the US as we know it. Of all the horrible things Brandon has done to this country, this invasion tops the list.

I used to think there were enough checks and balances in place to keep one really bad president from actually destroying the US, but now I see I was wrong.


We got complacent! We’ve reached woulda, shoulda, coulda!


It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken----Frank Perdue.

To admit you were wrong is admirable, in this case incorrect, but very admirable.
No one did ANYTHING to stop this INVASION. We watched thunder struck that it
was like the old Energizer bunny…it kept going and going and going.
We all probably thought Puddin’ would Eventually stop the bleeding, but he didn’t.
The Worthless Politicians (both sides of the Isle should have stepped in…they didn’t.
All the ‘Alphabets’ did all they could to make it easier for these Terrorists to gain entry!.
Joseph, You are a good man. But this isn’t a burden for you to carry.
I read the above and was shocked that in my mind the numbers were (3.8 Million!)
A shocking number! But this article stated (5.8 MILLION!) HTF are we to combat this Enemy
when they are ‘ACTIVATED’???
This is going to be the biggest Sh-- Show I’ve ever had to fight in!
Brothers and Sisters we BETTER show them the latest version of AMERICAN MEAN when
They ARE NOT getting this country!
They are NOT living in my house!
And after the dust settles…If I am still around…If they aren’t all dead already, These TRAITOR’S
will Phuckin’ HANG!

ahem, excuse me…

Where We Go ONE We Go All!
Warriors were NEVER TRAINED to retire! I’ll retire when they throw dirt on my face!


Thank you Don.


Many of us were (and still are) shocked that a supposed president could $hit on his Country, and the other two branches, AND THE STATE GOVERNMENTS allowed (and continue to allow) it.

We are truly phucked.


We may be phucked Brother but we are not OUT!

We are Armed, Clear eyed and ANGRY!

this Sh-- show has gone on far too long and many an INNOCENT have paid with their lives.
As that great sage and Catcher Yogi Berra once said “IT AIN’T OVER TILL IT’S OVER”
the Tree of LIBERTY needs to be watered with the Blood of Tyrants!

If you are a part of this WAR you better have a defined stance and track record on the side of GOOD because it’s the GALLOWS for you if don’t.

Judgement day is here.



Your optimism is admirable :saluting_face:


I disagree. I think we do have enough checks and balances, but complacency and apathy in the other two branches have allowed the third beach to do whatever it wants for years until one of the other branches gets off its butt to do something. Congress has a LOT of power, but by and large, they’re more willing to serve their own pockets than their country.


Yes Sir Ben’TRG’!
The ‘Checks and balances’ are there but you have to have people with HONOR, Patriotism and a SOUL
to utilize the tools available to keep EVIL in check. These phuckers in office today are Millionaires!
There is normally nothing wrong with being a millionaire or rich beyond measure but when it comes off the backs of your constituents or ‘Back door dirty deals (Insider trading for instance) that is Illegal and you are officially a ‘Corruptible!’ and you should not only lose your position you should be jailed. AOC, Fetter-brain are new to office and they are stinkin’ rich! What’s that Fa–name? in NY? SANTOS! He came in corrupted and they still let him stay. Pelosi Smirinoff, Chuck the Phuck Schumer et al. all EVIL.
The .gov FINALLY did something right the other day shooting down the Ukraine Aid package 10% Joe wanted to give them! and do you know why? WE THE PEOPLE are finally waking up! The hue and cry from the masses are saying ENOUGH! and the worthless Politicians are hearing that outcry in their Hallowed halls!
Politicians, even corrupt one’s aren’t stupid! (well, some are). When the tide of public opinion turns
they see the writing on the wall and start DOING THEIR JOBS! They SEE people disappearing (AZ. Gov for example!) She’ll be swinging from the rope soon folks) and many more to follow. You can’t keep force feeding AMERICAN CITIZENS SH–! and expect us to like it! Blow Back is finally happening!
How can you give an Illegal $3K a month in what? restitution? bribery? and an AMERICAN on SSI get $1K?
NO! People are going to revolt!..and we are. If you play MONOPOLY and the ‘Banker’ is your cousin who is a cheating little $hit! and he has Hotels on Broadway Park Place and even little Vermont! eventually you will go broke just going around the board till you have nothing! That is what is happening today. You can’t say to corporations you have to give a Hamburger flipper $20 an hour in Cali while the rest of us with Experience years in and an education make $18 ! These pieces of $hit in office think they can BUY 2024! That’s all this is, VOTE BUYING! But the Businesses say HELL NO! and will leave, and you can’t buy a Burger in Cali pretty soon, or a Cheese steak sandwich in Philly… The list is long and stupid the CONTROL they are trying to shove down our throats! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!
We should wipe DC clean! NOW! They are beyond redemption. We don’t have to kill them all, as in the Christmas classic “Scrooge” he said:" ARE THERE NO WORKHOUSES? ARE THERE NO PRISONS?"

We shall see on October 4th when the great "RESET’ begins and we start taking our country back!

STAY VIGILANT my Brothers and Sisters!
We are in for some turbulent times!
In (3) days may be the newest shot heard round the world. October (4)th.
FEMA’s planned ‘TEST’ of the the EAS!
Passage from “Starship Earth”
“Oddly enough, we understand it has been 33 years since the film, “The Hunt for Red October” premiered. For years we have been wondering when Q’s reference to “red October” would be blatantly relevant. Will it be this year? It is sounding like that round-up that will snare all the pedos, thieves, and psychopaths will take place in 2023 but we don’t know for certain. All we know is that it has to be done in one fell swoop, simultaneously, so none get away and cannot warn the others”.

“We expect that to involve communications blackouts, transportation halts, airport closures, all of it; perhaps a lockdown to keep civilians safe and avoid interference with the military and other forces involved in the takedown to keep everyone safe”.
This may be all BS sounding to you and that’s OK.
I may sound like the Conspiracy theorist I know I am!
But just because I am a “CT” doesn’t mean I am wrong!
Keep your families safe, Keep your eyes open.

I pray for all our safety.
Stay tuned sportsfan’s, It’s gonna get LOUD!



Not so fast, Bubbalouie.


I believe kind Sir that’s “babba-louie”

But thank you for the UPDATE!
It just showed Mc’Corruptie’s TRUE COLORS!
He is now lumped in w/ the rest of them!
There is No repub/Demoncrat sides anymore.
He who gains the most Brownie points wins now!
Giving more “AID” to the little NAZI is reprehensible !
While we have our own people living on the streets!
Their hatred of all things Russia will get us all killed.
Russia (My opinion only) just wants to straighten out their own backyard.
Who are WE to take sides in a ‘Turf war’ (like we have been doing for decades)
We need to straighten out our own backyard before it is too late.
The .Gov is out of touch with reality and out of control. $6 BILLION more to
Devil Zelensky and How much gets funneled back to Pedo-Joe and his Minion’s?
They are INCAPABLE of keeping their promises.


Had to look. It’s actually Baba Looey:


Baba-Louie for President then!

Something just snapped in me when I read your post today.
I am saddened by this news of the back room deal/switch-a-roo
I will be extremely disappointed if the October 4th ‘reset doesn’t happen now.
How much more $hit are we to eat?
What’s it going to take to wake up the masses?
I’d normally say "I need a vacation’’ but
these evil doer’s are sucking all the fun outta life.


McCarthy must have been cut in on the 10%. They’re all crooks. Trump tried to drain the swamp and look what it got him. Indicted every time he sneezes.


Amen Brother. The key word in your comment is “WE”. Because if “WE” don’t all come together on this and put aside all our differences “WE” will certainly be PH___Ked!!!

If they can disrupt the First Amendment, they can take away the Second Amendment. After that it’s mandatory genital surgery followed by re-education camps.


Why is Elon surveiling the border, when even the border czar does not dare/care to cackle there?
If he were US born, I’d say he has Presidential ambitions. Is he scoping a Governor’s seat?


Man, You two (Jake and Alexander) are fabulous! but, ,mandatory genital surgery is a little rough!
ACCURATE! but a little rough! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Question. If they are crossing the border illegally how do we know how many have actually crossed the border?


that’s just it ‘‘we don’t know’’