Night vision Glasses?

Night vision glasses, Are not these the ones you could order from Mad Magazine or the back of a cereal box?
Anybody know if these actually work?


For only $32.95…


What is the brand name @Todd30?


Interesting… however I do not believe in “night vision” glasses or googles. This cannot be true night vision…

how come these

can do the same as those:

It is just impossible.

Night vision glasses are just light color lens glasses which improves vision in low light conditions. It has been proven that yellow and light green screen makes low light vision a little better, however it is not the same as “see in the dark”.

I’ve been using yellow glasses for night driving and it works… but only in lightened dark streets where a little light is present. Wherever light is not present you just see this:


not this:


NIGHT CHARM – New photosensitive night vision glasses

$59.98 $17.90


Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5customer ratings

(5 customer reviews

Better deal:

OK… I don’t talk more… it’s just … :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve never seen such great reviews in my life…

none of these above mention night vision…

Do the glasses come with a decoder ring?

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***1/4 nano-micron photon injectors make it possible!!!

Wanna buy a bridge???***

I have some waterfront property with an ocean view for sale in Oklahoma.

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I have a bridge to sell, say, do those come with 5X Catadioptric lenses.
Aren’t those the same shades “Geordi La Forge” aka LeVar Burton (Star Trek 9) wore?

Found these at AutoZone for $2.99

These work better and come with a warranty!


I prefer OLD SCHOOL:


Well, the flip phone was based upon the communicator off of Star trek. So I am sure someone is working those ideas. Then Phasers too with a stun setting.

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Sooooo, I’m confused. Typically, when I hear “night vision glasses/goggles” I picture more along the lines of the ones I had in the military where you can see in the dark or near dark. Is that what you were referring to because these can’t possibly provide adequate power or visual information in either. These seem like any standard polarized style lens what you can buy…well…anywhere. Yellow, tinted, polarized…they all offer some “benefit” for shooting. So, I was just making sure that you aren’t looking for info on actual “NIGHT VISION” and you’re looking for some regular shooting glasses right?

No, actual good quality night vision. I got those glasses popped up when I was looking up night vision. So, I have to make fun of it like the X-ray vision glasses off the back of a Mad Magazine. I know technology is booming but I do not believe we have progressed that far.

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I have to say, I was in the military when night vision was first introduced and then they went to single optics for a single eye as opposed to both eyes. I like the single eye options because at any point you can use your other eye to look around and see what everything looks like.

I’ve looked at a few but nothing civilian comes close to what I had in the military that I can see so I’m sort of jaded and biased. Let me know what you come up with though as I’d love to invest in something fun.

Check out these guys and their specs.

I have the same problem too. The binoculars we used in the Corps out rate any of those I have seen as well as, the night vision. And I got out in 91.

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Actually there is an app for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that utilizes the cameras (yes plural) to produce “night vision” The App is free, and genuinely works. The only issue is the resolution is very low. There are also Smartphones that are manufactured with thermal vision, however you can also buy cameras that plug in that render thermal images. Really neat tech.