NICS Denial Notification Act Looks To Increase Prosecutions

Saw this awhile ago . As for me I’m tired of straw buyers, folks that lie on their forms. When you fill out your paper work there are signs all over about lying on the form. Few of this are prosecuted. Antigunners want to make new laws while they can’t deal with the ones they have. Fbi has enough to do & really so do our leos. However something needs to be done.

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Agreed! Enforce the laws we have, not pass new ones!


Increase prosecutions? That’s quite amusing, this is an excerpt from a letter I recently sent to one of my Congress-critters in reference to the recent House bills on “gun control”:
Since November 1998, when NICS began, to February 28, 2021, there have been 380,459,962 NICS background checks, according to FBI data. In a report by the GAO, dated September 2018, that document is titled “LAW ENFORCEMENT Few Individuals Denied Firearms Purchases Are Prosecuted and ATF Should Assess Use of Warning Notices in Lieu of Prosecutions”. The data in it very clearly shows in the ineffectiveness of the background check system. This also shows that this system only checks backgrounds on those that are able to pass background checks. These abysmal results came at what cost?

Fiscal Year 2017
Federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
Firearms Denial Cases Investigated and Prosecuted
Federal NICS Transactions 8,606,286
Denials 112,090
ATF Field Division Investigations 12,710
United States Attorney’s
Offices Prosecutions 12