I purchased a firearm on the 12/5 and a shotgun on 12/11. If the NCIS check lasts for 30days why did my results come back delayed? Please advise anyone

I purchased a firearm on the 12/5 and a shotgun on 12/11. If the NCIS check lasts for 30days why did my results come back delayed? Please advise anyone

Sorry @Pat-Shelia… I couldn’t resist…

The reason is because the computer system is down…


I think you meant NICS :wink:


I know you can have multiple guns on one form. I suspect if you purchase a gun on another day or location, it would be a new check. So, each check would be good for some time period, not sure how long. I am confused now. :smiley:


It may have something to do with the weekend and holiday gun buyers. Of course the number of days between may have kicked some computer trip wire. These things usually resolve themselves in a few days. Best wishes to you.


@Pat-Shelia Welcome to the community. We are glad to have you. My thoughts are the same as @Virgil_H. Hopefully it’s resolved by Monday. Best wishes.


Bought a couple of firearms days apart & the 2nd purchase had to wait a couple of days to clear. I thought it was odd…


lol, Yes I did mean NICS, but that made me laugh… :joy: :grinning:

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Thanks… I’ll check back on Monday

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I’ve had one delay in my entire life. And my delay was more a social experiment during the beginning of pandemic and went horribly.

I was shocked when was not walking out with my gun…

But they already informed me 90% of that days customers got delayed.

Here in Louisiana or I believe this goes federally but don’t quote me on that but forsure in Louisiana, IF FBI does not respond yea or nay in 10 days… The firearm is yours.

No need to worry, with the irregularities we are facing due to the pandemic these things will happen. Some people are waiting longer than usual just to get their cc permits. By the way a fire arm and shot gun are the same they both hurt like hell when you get hit by the bullet. If dont believe me ask for some volunteers to step forward. Ok that was a joke Happy holidays and please stay safe.

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LOL! Love NCIS :wink:

A NICS check covers one specific transaction, it doesn’t matter if it’s for one gun or 20 (if you’re buying 20 I hope I’m on your Christmas shopping list :smiley: ). If you do multiple transactions (different dates or different locations), you’ll have to do NICS check for each of those.

Right now it could be a 5 minutes to 5 days for a background check to go through depending on the circumstances.


You are correct, a NICS check “should” be good for 30 days. Was your second purchase from the same shop? Also, it is at the shop’s discretion if they want to use the same NICS number. In my experience, most wont and will do a new NICS check for each purchase (or blocks because yes, you can buy more than one gun at a time). However, if a shop runs a second NICS within those 30 days, the FBI does not hold on to the approval as we dont all have “accounts” in the NICS system. It truly is a point in time check starting from scratch. As such, it is subject to the situation of the day such as system being down, heavy traffic, whatever mood the system is in at that time. So, it just means you need to be patient and wait it out. When you filled out the 4473, did you ask the shop if you could use the same NICS check?

Also, one thing to think about is time zone. I live in Michigan, so when I do my transfers, I usually do it at like 10AM on a weekday (yes, I have some flexibility with schedule and work to make that happen) to try to minimize traffic on the system. Most people are at work, and not a lot of other shops in other time zones are open for business at that point.

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