NFL has a gun problem

And these folks preach to us!

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Without lumping all professional athletes into one category, this problem seems to have been growing exponentially over the last few decades. I got an eyeful of the future potential athletes of the NFL when I visited my daughter at college, went to the games and was close enough to the players to hear them interact with each other (not amused many times by their choice of language nor their apparent level of college education). It truly is sad (among the many issues going on in our country and the world today) that large swaths of the population adore these folks and want to emulate their behavior. I lost my interest in pretty much all pro sports when they turned the sporting events into pulpits from which to preach their world views (save and except college and pro hockey), and have no interest in any of my dollars feeding that pipeline. Just my $0.02 ($0.005 after taxes).


Agree 100% with your position. To place pro athletes, actors or anyone who is in the entertainment industry in a position to influence our youth or anyone watching for that matter is crazy. They should be held to a higher standard ! Not watching, buying or supporting is the only way to get that point across!


They’re only realizing this now? You would have thought that Plaxico would have set an example of what not to do.


The NFL has a character problem.


NFL is an organisation, it has policies. For many years people joked that F in NFL stands for “felon”. So, no surprise here. The question is at which point things become beyond the pale. Anti-Americanism crosses the line for me, NFL cannot recover in my eyes.


Certainly the fuss that many people make over these guys, the attention and complete lack of manners would warrant some kind of self defense. But here’s the rub, you take a kid that has very little but has a whole lot of talent. He’s the man in HS, then College. Then one day he get’s a million dollar contract with a million bucks up front. He’s important, he’s famous, he’s rich and he’s in a world he could only dream about. I truly believe, some of these guys think fame and fortune make them so so special that they don’t have to obey the laws.


I have grown less fond of the NFL as an entity the older I get (turned 40 in March). I am a fan, very much so, of the game itself and the San Francisco 49ERS. I don’t watch full games anymore, and haven’t paid attention to the other franchises since playing fantasy football with coworkers.

With that said, very rarely do we see people for who they truly are. The NFL lost me when I found out about them being paid by the DoD to display the Flag to accompany the pre-game military tributes. Then the Josh Brown- domestic violence situation combined with the CK kneeling stuff was enough for me to throw the deuces. In full conspiracy mode (I confess), the integrity of the games has come into question too.

:point_right:t5: Final thoughts… I think well-timed, exotic blitzes are beautiful. Only thing cooler (on the field) is the perfect playcall to beat a blitz. The players’ talent & accomplishments can be commended but I don’t admire them or care to hear their opinions on how to live life. Also… Didn’t the NFL shutdown Daniel Defense wanting to buy a commercial slot during the Super Bowl??



Their hypocrisy is stunning. They did indeed ban a Daniel Defense ad yet embrace anti-gun ads. Yet the employees of their franchises carry the very weapons they eschew. Not to worry, they are going the way of the NBA, in that they are totally ignorant of the values of the people who actually purchase their product.