Honor the fallen-America to boycott the NFL


I want to say THANK YOU to all that gave their life to serve in the military for our FREEDOM
and again thank you to all the brave men and women who served our country.


Another reason to boycott the NFL.


No NFL in my house. Not even a peek. It is a sad statement about todays society.
To all our veterans… image


The only sport I’ve watched in 20+ years is Formula One racing. Last ballgame (MLB) I watched, Reggie Jackson and Fernando Valenzuela were in it.

But with seeing how much wokeness has permeated into pro sports? I wish them a sucking chest wound for ratings. A total crater. I hope people lose their jobs over this. This is a sham, and this is how strongly I feel about it. Don’t watch. Don’t buy, don’t partake. If everyone does this, well, actions speak louder than words.


My recommendation is we boycott NFL, NBA, MLB, ABC and any other major and minor league players earning more than law enforcement, until next 9/11! Then we’ll give them a second thought!
I think wearing a jersey of any color or number represents ANTIFA and anarchies and should be booted from every bar that shows the game and every household of an attendee looted and crushed to the ground! WOW, I could be Maxine Waters, or any other high level representative who took an oath to maintain safe cities and espoused violence. Consider it peaceful protesting and my right to express myself! Consider it a half time extravaganza!
Hey! When they go low, we just go… No peace, no kickoff! Remain calm and get down on both knees! Harsh, these are Just words, I don’t burn, loot, beat up old people, and I surely don’t go to the restaurant and flip over tables, eat someone else’s food! That’s harsh! Furthermore I don’t shoot children! That’s harsh! If no one likes that, then…

Maybe we can use the National broadcast system to cut into the games airwaves to recite the names of the fallen and play the National anthem? Maybe it would be a good idea to test the EAS system every ten minutes during every game! How many days of football are there over a 100? Anarchy 27, ANTIFA 6, hut, hut, hike!

If that doesn’t work take the money away, seems to work for gun manufacturers! Take away their billion dollar drafts and redistribute it to law enforcement, yeah that’s it, DEFUND major sports, now that’s a shirt I would wear!

Let’s get political,political, let’s get political, political !:musical_score:


You might be stunned to sit and count the number of things that have been taken over and made a mockery of, the olympics, Disney, the nobel prize the nfl, and the list goes on and on. More than you might imagine has already been done to dismantle our culture so as to replace it. I can’t watch a game knowing the hateful attitude those players have for the country others died for that gave them the opportunity they are now trying to take advantage of. Besides, don’t they have to protest against their own sport anyway, male dominated, mostly watched by those horrible white guys, right? Shouldn’t football be banned? I mean, according to their way of thinking, I suppose it will be banned as soon as they are done making a point with it.


Such a powerful video, thank you for sharing


That was an awesome powerful video and I don’t respect anyone who would kneel for the flag of the U.S.A. I understand that things are not well all the time but God help me if I did something like that. It doesn’t matter what race, background, or nationality we are all Americans here. If you don’t like it here there are plenty of other countries you can live in. It hurts like hell to see men and women making millions of dollars and disrespecting our flag that other men and women shed blood for. :disappointed::disappointed:


Thanks for putting into words my feeling on this as well. Bless our Military and Law Enforcement past and present on this 9/11. I will never forget.


Stand and honor … simply stated!


I watch Soccer instead. None of that crap there, yet anyway. If you really want a kick, watch the games from South America! They are intense!

OTOH, I do notice that the boycotts only last so long, and then everyone is back to going and watching like before.


LOL. I have never been a “sports fan” anyway so :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I was always too busy running around in the woods. :+1:


In one of my many lives, I had the chance to play pro ball. We stood proudly, honored our anthem and our flag. As a young boy, I watched pro ball players proudly stand, and i wished I could be one of them…I got that chance. I will never forget.

We boycott, sorry folks. Yes we have free speech, kneel and exercise free speech elsewhere. We will not partake, not watch. We are patriots and respect those who fought and died. This is MY COUNTRY, if you dont like it, go live elsewhere!

I am posting this letter, and I suppose I will be banned. This fellow at one time was a firearms instructor, and we have visited with him. He is a good man, and a combat veteran. Clay sent me his unredacted version, that I have posted in my office…

I couldnt post this because of the language…

here is the link…if any one wants the original, pm me and i will send!!!

Warning: Language in the link

clays website…


Oh my gosh…Reggie Jackson…Valenzuela??? Brings back memories. Mr. Jackson gave me a gift, and shook my hand, that I dont want to disclose here, that I will cherish forever. Thanks for the memories!!!


Now that I am stirred up…yesterday I was on a military installation as a private contractor for our day job. Sept 21, all the military will be back to work on the base, versus staying at home. I met many, yes many, silent majority, and patriots!!! In the building i was working in, hung our huge flag. I was high enough, in the building, to touch that flag, and what an honor it was to perform our work under that grand FLAG!


Thank you well said…i am stirred up, I better get back to my day job…thanks and thanks to all!!!


Tax payer dollars help fund and build stadiums…??? hmmmm


I am a third-generation fan of the Green Bay Packers. My grandfather became a fan when the team was founded.

I have always looked forward to the NFL season - the spectacle, the athleticism, the fans, etc.

I’m not watching the NFL until they stop pandering to BLM. I fully expect the NFL to implode before then.


Men’s soccer right? 'Cause Women’s Soccer has rabid Rapinoe, as anti-American as they come and celebrated for it.

NFL had been on downward path for decades, felon players, indecent halftime performances, finally Flag stomping and finally this worship of rapists and thugs. There is nothing for my kids to learn there and no role models to follow! They are cancelled from my house, as well as MLB, NBA, NHL.