Newsome and Feds just closed all BLM SO CAL desert lands to target shooting April 29,2020

“Stage III Restrictions and all
recreational target shooting is illegal and prohibited on the above lands.”… And they’re calling it a fire protection order.

Good weather, no bugs, nice beaches, but I hate the poly-ticks of living in California.

508 SIGNED 2020 final CDD Seasonal Fire Restrictions.pdf (248.6 KB)

All of the outdoor ranges in that area are closed? YIKES!

If they’re truly that worried about the fires, I hope they’re not giving camping fire permits. :frowning:


Yes, that’s true too. No camp fires, or smoking outside your vehicle too. But geez, it’s almost all wide open desert in the SE region. Hard to keep a fire burning.

Now it’s truly safe to cross the border and get paid for doing so. Great chess move on Newsome’ part, question is what’s our next move?
The Socialist are playing the best game I have ever seen in my life. We are still playing checkers…

Oddly enough, hunting is still allowed. Just not with steel or incendiary rounds.

It’s only on some Bureau of Land Management government areas. Private ranges still open, here’s update from the range I go to.

Open regular hours
No paper targets or frames provided, only range provided steel plates
Bring your own eye/ear pro, or purchase at the range
6ft distancing
Bring own mask/bandana covering

Here’s some further information

Here’s a PDF Notice from the BLM website for the Desert District as shown.

Any shooting specific area that is closed off is labelled as “Shooting Closure”.

With Stage II and Stage III areas apply to only open fires and smoking.

No steel jacketed or steel core ammo ever is as it’s always been.

No steel targets.

Everywhere else is okay according to BLM for now.