New to shooting? What's your biggest question?

We all have to start somewhere! I remember having a ton of questions when I started shooting and carrying.

What questions do you have as a new shooter?

We’d love to help!


My very first question was. Is this a trick, am I going to be in trouble? :eyes::roll_eyes::innocent:

My first lesson, I was not even a teenager. To say that I did not like the person giving me the lesson is a vast, incredibly vast understatement.


My friend told me almost everything about shooting before I touched the pistol… so my first question, being a fresh / new shooter, was… “how much is Range membership?” :slightly_smiling_face:

But the first serious question on the Range was “is it loaded? how do I check it?”


The biggest one I get from new shooters that are willing to ask “Does it kick/hurt?”

Guys are generally to macho to go there but I use the same lines as I do for my ladies.

I want you to concentrate on the front sight being lined up with the rear sight and begin to press the trigger.
You might feel the trigger move and that’s OK just don’t yank it, just keep pressing it back to your nose.
When it goes off you might see a flash and you will feel the gun press back into your hand. It’s supposed to do that. Just hold on to it.
Now go ahead, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and press the trigger back towards your nose. Press, Press, Press…


Them: What happened?
Me: You hit the target.
Them: Big Eyes, Huge Grin. “That’s it?”