New range and range rules

I just joined a new range and just went through the orientation. This is the first time I’ve belonged to a private range so I’m not sure if these rules and prices are normal.

Dues: $200/year

  • To be able to shoot on the rifle or pistol range, you must pass a qualification (9 out of 10 shots on paper)
  • On the pistol range (indoor and outdoor):
    • You must shoot from the bench at all times
    • Magazines may not be loaded with more than 6 rds
    • You cannot draw from the holster (or move/shoot unless “Action Qualified”
      • To be Action Qualified, you need to pass NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Protection Inside the Home, NRA Protection Outside the home. Classes must be taken at this range and classes taken at another facility do not count. The classes are only offered once or twice a year and there are approximately 100 new members each month.

Are these normal range rules/prices?

I was very excited to continue the drills/training I learned after taking the USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals I class after @Dawn’s recommendation (THANKS DAWN!) only to learn that I wouldn’t be able to do any of that until at least sometime in mid-to-late 2021.


Personally, I would go find another range. I have not seen any of these before and would not put up with it. I understand safety, but this seems to be too much


Call my cynical, all of that looks like it’s meant to coerce members in to taking their classes.


@Keith61, just curious, what state is this range in? I have not seen requirements like this, but as finding places to shoot can be hard, before letting go of this membership, check out other ranges (assuming they are convenient) to see what their requirements are. They might have had an “incident” at some point, and this might be a requirement due to insurance. It also might sound like a lot, but keep in mind once you jump through the hoops once, you are good to go. So, before I say its unreasonable, i need to know where you are located.

This in Pennsylvania.

I agree with @Spence on this.

Too much, look elsewhere, assuming you have options that are close enough that you will use them as often as you want.

Move on to greener pastures. Get refund! They don’t qualify for your business.
First, price is not out of line, seen prices from $200. - $1,000 elite concierge services
Qualifications are BS unless qualifying for you CCW Permit
Use from bench normal, no indoor range I’ve been to allows you to draw and fire.
Magazine capacity BS, can’t explain that one. Do they sell 6 round mags?
Not drawing from holster normal.
Find outdoor range and have fun and enjoy your shooting day.

This is an outdoor range.

Is this some sort of tactical training range, ThunderRanch or Gunsite Academy?

Nah, just one of the better kept facilities in the area and just happens to be the closest to me. I had really high hopes but the feedback I am getting is that it can take at least a year to be allowed to draw from the holster, etc. I think I’d be fine if it didn’t take so long (and cost so much, over $500 in class fees alone if you pass each the first time). Otherwise, it seriously limits skill progression and really limited more to plinking than training defensive shooting.

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My only other recommendation is joining USPSA and join a local team and compete. Lot of fun, great people, fantastic skills learning only “restriction” safety. There’re are plenty of rules but none like you’re describing.

That was an awesome class, wasn’t it, @Keith61? LOVE it!! :smiley: Glad you liked it too!!

I would not find that out of line in some areas. The dues ($200) would be ok if it is a well kept range. I have paid up to $600 a year plus 40 hours of range cleanup time over the year (as an example).

Get into USPSA/IDPA or similar, that can get you some experience there.

I believe some of those rules are poppycock, and meant to drive them business.

As an example. We have one local range, not too far from my house. Have to shoot rifle from a bench, no fast shooting, no assault weapon mags over 10 rounds, etc etc and on. I go to the range that is over twice the distance to drive, shoot what I want (including at night). You can shoot full auto if you care to. All for the princely sum of $40/yr. We have a ton of matches too.

My outdoor range is 1/2 hour away is on Private/Federal land, if that makes sense, cost me $27. a year. Federal wildlife officers maintain the range along with everyone who shoots. Local prison provides clean up and target replacements. Very clean, very safe, no shooting from holster. Been shooting there for 30 years twice a week. Rifle/pistol/shotgun/archery/ fully automatic weapons (once a week), ranges from 7 yards to 200 yards plus archery and clay.
Indoor range 40 miles away, now offers $25. One time fee to draw from holster/qualify you can safely draw a weapon. Yearly fees $275 to $1,000.
I used to join yearly, but I prefer the outdoors, hence USPSA.

Definitely! We had a great instructor and some awesome RSO’s. Of course it had to be one of the hottest days of the summer on a range with very little shade, but we made it count. Thanks again for the recommendation. I actually brought a friend with me and he has since joined USCCA.

Shop elsewhere if there are other choices. That place sounds like a PITA to shoot at.

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They want to make money off you taking classes again. Wouldn’t do it unless the instructor is fantastic and can increase my knowledge

Hello everyone, I am sure glad I bought 85 acres of ranch land here in west Texas. I have plenty of fun out here.


Not in my experience.