Never Chase A Bad Guy

Here’s a local example of a good guy chasing the bad burglar with a gun. Not a good or smart idea.

Once they run the threat is over, you can’t chase and detain them at gunpoint.



Keep It Simple Stupid

Defend life not property.


Exactly - it’s self-defense, not stuff-defense.

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That depends on the conditions and what state you are in.

You cannot in most states legally pursue them and keep shooting but you absolutely can pursue them to try and keep them in sight till LEO’s arrive in any state.

Know your state laws and apply an ample amount of common sense before doing so.

We’re Self Defenders, not LEO’s and not Vigilantes.

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Depends on the property and how easily or if at all it can be replaced.

Fortunately our laws are much more “user friendly” in that ragard than in many States.

I agree, defend life not property. However, Missouri seems to allow the use of force in defense of private property, but I’m no legal expert on this. Anybody have more insight on Missouri’s law. I’ve read 563.301 numerous times but it’s a bit difficult.

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@Michael7 here’s some info on missouri law:

so… the way I read that is there are some circumstances under which defense of property is allowed, or restraint of an attacker is allowed, but you may be required to provide a positive justification for doing so. BIG DISCLAIMER I’m not an attorney.
@Dawn maybe we can get the legal team to weigh in on this?

What it comes down to for me is if it’s property it can be replaced.

In some states I can use lethal force to defend property, but does that mean I should use lethal force to defend property?

No property I own is worth another person’s life.

Wow, that legalese is as thick as a deep south accent! I’ll see what I can find for y’all!

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Exactly WR!

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