Neighborhood watch?


When I was little we lived in West Bend. My brother, the neighbor kids, and I would walk almost a half mile to school every day. Today that would be unheard of.

I do remember being told that if something happens, we should go to a house with this sign in the window.

Anyone else remember that? Would anyone advise their kids to do that today?

Do you have a neighborhood watch where you live?


I still see these signs posted in communities and the community I live does not have such program nor any program like this.


I bought these signs as window decals and put them in my windows. I am always aware of my outside surroundings and if someone came and needed help, and if I suspected that they were not on the up and up, I would at least call the police and they could stay on my doorstep where my Ring Doorbell and outdoor video cameras would keep a watchful eye on them in case someone came after them.


@Dawn just half a mile? :wink: If we missed the bus we were hiking a bit more than 2 miles … and YES, in the snow. and yes, it was uphill BOTH ways :wink:

We had some sort of a yellow hand sign in the windows rather than the neighborhood watch signs you posted.

Where we are there’s no formal neighborhood watch, but our (very rural) neighbors do actually WATCH. a couple years ago right before deer season we heard a BUNCH of shooting maybe an hour after dark - we figured it was someone spot-light poaching on one of our neighborhood farms. My hubby armed up and hopped into the bronco to go check it out and what he found on the road was Every Single One of our farming neighbors out there checking it out too. There was a dust cloud showing where someone had high-tailed it off our dirt roads, but no poacher in sight. Guessing the mass appearance of our neighborhood watch scared them off.

One of the things we actually do around neighborhood watch is check the sex offender database sites periodically. None reported close to us, but there’s one not too far from my granddaughter’s house (she’s in the next town over.) We do want to know who to watch for.


My neighborhood has has a block watch for years. And we even have signs up say there is one. but also for years we have not had any meetings. but a few years ago an app came out called “Nextdoor” and it lets you connect with everyone on it to post things about the area and if there are any crimes going on. And it works really well. But we do keep an eye out for each other as well.


Going to have to check that out!

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I’m on Next door - it’s interesting to find out more about what’s going on. The latest thing that caught my attention is that a neighbor found a tick on their dog already (it’s a little early in WI). It’s definitely useful!

@Zee - did you have to walk it barefoot? :rofl: Couldn’t resist. We didn’t have a bus, so it was all walking. I wonder now if I would have let my kids walk that far to school?

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We had shoes :laughing: … but when I was in Jr. High School we had to walk that snow-storm-ridden 2 miles uphill (both ways) in a skirt…
Because only boys were allowed to wear pants >_<
True story.


Nope no neighborhood watch here where I live, but I do have a warning sticker on my front and back door warning that the owner of the house is armed and breaking into my house isn’t worth your life.


Who ever thought we’d ever see the day where boys are allowed to wear skirts?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You mean tactikilts?

From 5.11:



Good Lord!! Do they sell Tactipurses too?


Of course they do!!


Tactikilts?!? OMGOMGOMGosh be still my Scottish Heart :heart_eyes:
You have NO idea how fast I’m going to get my Scots-heritage hubby one of those! :smiley:

I’m a fan of the UtiliKilts but hadn’t seen the tactikilts!
Y’all hang out here I’ll be right back… I have to go give them all my money :smiley:

Oh MAN!! they’re not currently on the 5.11 site. (>_<)

Ok… it’s going to be ok. Found this:

Crisis averted :heart_eyes:

… oh, and check out the video (last of the pictures of the product)… yes, they DO recommend using an outdoor extension cord for measuring “your glorious waist” :rofl:


There is a gentleman in the office that wears his on occasion. I’ll see if I can scrounge up a picture - and his permission - to post it. :slight_smile:


@Dawn and @Zee,

I have Scottish in my heritage BUT, I wouldn’t get caught dead, well maybe dead, wearing a kilt of any kind in public!

Sorry, just saying.