NC State Law regarding gifting Rifles

What NC State Laws must be followed when gifting/selling a firearm to a family member? We are both legally allowed to own and carry and live here in the same state. From what I can tell per the ATF, we do not need to go through an FFL or submit a change of ownership, I’m just making sure this is indeed the case.


@Striker I just read thru the gun laws here (USCCA) for NC and long guns were not even mentioned. :man_shrugging:

Otherwise you can check here.* Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws :us:


I found this including a link to the source.

Can I buy a gun to give to someone else?

Yes, but with extreme caution. Federal or NC law does not prohibit you from gifting a firearm to a relative or friend that lives in your home state. However, it is a federal felony to transfer a firearm to someone you know or reasonably suspect who can’t legally own one.


Thank you.