National Vietnam War Vet Day

It doesn’t matter if you were with the Tilted Outhouse or Screaming Eagles, or whether you were a Seabee, Jet Jockey or Leatherneck. This National Vietnam War Veterans Day, we salute all who served.

Tell us about your time in country, or your connection to a Vietnam Vet, and share the moral patches you have in support of a Vietnam Vet!


Thanks for posting this. I honestly didn’t know there was a Vietnam Veteran day. I just thought we remembered them on Memorial Day and celebrated them on Veterans Day.


Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 (Trump signed it into law) authorized the national observance, but did not make it a national holiday.


Didn’t know about this day as well.
Thx @USCCA for bringing this Day to our attention.

For me, when I was kid, Vietnam War was “Rambo” and “Chuck Norris”. Now, being an adult and living between the Heros I see it differently.
Even that War wasn’t a good thing, we have to honor Everyone involved in it. :v:

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To ALL Vietnam Veterans thank you for your service. And G-d bless you.9673


I joined the Navy Friday the 13th of August 1965 making me a Vietnam Era Veteran. The closest I got to Vietnam was 400 miles west of San Diego. To those who suffered or died during that war, in country and those who suffer the mental or physical residuals I give my respect. To those who continue to suffer and die from the effects of Herbicides my heartfelt gratitude. I have spent the last 20 years assisting Vets of all wars obtain the benefits they are due.


Let’s just say I survived under my Vietnam Veteran’s parenting. The Army had a saying when I was in: “life’s a bitch and then you die”. Vietnam destroyed my family. Still feel the trauma from the aftermath of dad returning. Nightmarish upbringing.


We went because the nation sent us. We fought so others could stay at home. The best of us died defending the rights of the south Vietnamese. We came home to no fanfare and some of us were broken. Still some of us always stand for the flag and say a prayer for fallen brothers in arms.

Quang Tri Vietnam 1970-1971. 5th infantry 5/4 arty. I am proud of all of them.


Welcome Home!


Thanks George. It was an honor.


From a ‘Swing Wing Driver’ who spent two weeks short of a year over in Nam, The Viet Nam War Vet Day was long in coming. Thanks to The Donald for legislating it.

Bulldog 14 “Thor” 129th AHC, An Son RVN '71 & '72.


Valorous Unit Award, Streamer embroidered: Tuy Hoa Valley .
Valorous Unit Award, Streamer embroidered: Dak To.
Meritorious Unit Commendations, Streamer embroidered, Vietnam 65-66.
Meritorious Unit Commendations, Streamer embroidered, Vietnam 66-67.
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, Streamer embroidered Vietnam 1967-68.
Vietnamese Civil Action Honor Medal, 1st Class, Streamer embroidered Vietnam 1970.

Thirty Nine (39) members of the 129th Assault Helicopter Company lost their lives. Several were captured and one, Martin Dahiber Vanden Eykel II remains MIA (Missing in Action).

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Welcome home!

Ken38 and George98
Thank you for your very timely responses to my post. Ken, it was particularly interesting about the history of the 129th and subsequently the 160th, after the 129th left Viet Nam. By the article, it appears as though the 129th has done itself well in the annals of the US Army Aviation history book.
During my tour, the 129th was commanded by Cpt Johnny Durden and succeeded by Maj Alan Smith, with Cpt Del Bish as XO. I was assigned to the first lift platoon with Cpt Schmidt as platoon leader. WO Keith Weisheit (2d platoon) was the only other class member coming out of class 70-43 in Ft. Rucker to be in the 129th with me.
First platoon was in direct support of the ROK Tiger Division with numerous combat assaults and extractions from their AO ranging from northwest of Phu Cat AFB to the south to what we called Miami Beach, nearly to Tuy Hoa. This included local area ‘ash & trash’ missions which sharpened our pinnacle landing skills as these were the outposts the ROK forces placed on the mountain peaks nearly encircling Lane AAF and the Divisional HQ of the Tiger Division. Many stories could be told about experiences carrying the Tigers around.
Once again, thank you for the response and article attachment. It was a good read from sooo many years back!

Larry Thies
CW2 129th AHC


I spent less than 2 days actually on the ground in NAM, but put in a full year cruising up and down the coast, from Yankee Station to the delta. One of our main purposes was support of destroyers on the gun line so we were often in close enough to watch the action. All who were in country have my greatest respect.


Notice a Vet, THANK THEM For there Service…Thank You For Your Service!! Hope this makes you smile.


AO or AK ?