National suppressor/silencer change request

I’ve purchased a suppressor for my rifle back in Aug of 2019 and dutifully created a family gun trust and had my FFL ship application and trust to the ATF. I’m not expected to see an approval stamp for my suppressor until July 2020 at the earliest. This is insane. You can now purchase sub sonic ammo and flash dispersers for your weapons that reduce the noise to barely above that of the bolt action cycling. This heavy-handed “make 'em wait” approach to stifling legal gun owner rights is wrong. Are there any legislative efforts going on or actions being taken by USCCA or NRA to try to get this licensing of suppressors stopped?

The USCCA isn’t a political organization, @lewis3. We do donate to other organizations that participate in lobbying efforts for our Second Amendment rights.

I do not see much on the NRA’s site about suppressor legislation/lobbying:

After a quick google search, I did find this organization that is working on easing the restrictions on suppressors:
(this is not an endorsement, just a search result that might interest you)

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Things were going good for the gun laws until that jag shot all those people in Vegas. It only takes one evil person to ruin it for everyone else. Logic and reason are not the controlling forces behind most things.

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I feel your pain. As a person who has suffered through the wait times many times and am in the wait queue as we speak, it is part of the price we pay to get something we should be able to buy over the counter, and I dont think I should have to pay for a tax stamp on top of that.

As for legislation, I recommend joining the ASA, or American Suppressor Association. It is the advocacy/lobbying organization for suppressors.

I occasionally hear about legislation moving through the legislative process, but it never makes it. And if they try to put it in some kind of comprehensive bill, it becomes the sacrifical lamb in the name of compromise, which means there is no real political will, just political posturing, to get this kind of legislation passed.

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There was a bit of legislation that got written and was beginning to move called the “Hearing Protection Act” or some such. Then there was the 31 May shooting in VA Beach last year where the jack leg used a suppressor on one of his pistols and it died right there when the President said he didn’t much like suppressors or words to that effect. It was actually the first bit of “Common Sense Gun Laws” that I have seen. Hope for another 4 years and we’ll make another run at it.



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