My solution to keep my Irons and Red dot Skills up!

Many topics on Iron vs. Red dots.

I have been shooting red dots since 2000. My solution is to have one Red dot and one Iron sight EDC of the same trigger, caliber, and controls

For example, I have two government models,1911 .45, one with a red dot and one without. The same triggers, and controls I have the same setup for my 9mm 1911 and my SA/DA decocker

I can practice with Irons or Red Dot. Mostly, everything is the same. I switch back and forth for my EDC.


You have too much money, I count 6 pistols in this discussion alone, and God only knows how many holsters, you need to send some my way! :rofl:

Just ribbing ya!


I went a cheaper route, I have sights tall enough to co-witness, Shoot with the dot, turn the dot off and shoot with the irons.


That’s a good plan @Paul465

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I use a Tinacore hoster 5inch 1911_ that fit all my Gov and commander plus my 2011.

But i have many custom leather holster

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That’s why we do iron sight co-witness and use red dot optic’s on/off button if we want to use one of two.
No reason to spend extra money… unless it’s a reason to have a backup gun. :wink:


All my red dots have lower 1/3 co-witness.

How else would i be able to buy more firearms? I had to tell my wife something :joy: :grin:


“Honey. I must have to match my concealed handgun to my all shirts”

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its like gunpokemon, i gotta collect them all :rofl:


That’s where I get messed up. My thumb resting on top of the thumb safety has been a part of my grip forever. I started just to ensure the safety was off when I extend toward the target, but it also helps me get a firm grip and manage recoil. My EDC is a 1911 so I always practice with at least one 1911 every trip to the range. But when I switch to something else, that thumb is flopping around, looking for something to press down on. Where Sig (220/226) & Beretta (92) put their decockers, it’s out of the way. But with something like a CZ75 platform, I had to go with the thumb safety option else my thumb would constantly be pressing down on the decocker. It takes a lot of mental focus for me to switch to something with a decocker. But they’re fun when target shootin’.