My New Ruger PC9

I acquired my long-sought PC9 this week and went straight to the range. Like all my other guns,it shoots better than I do. These are from about 40 yds.


Very nice sir…I first saw this at the 2018 USCCA expo and I’ve seen a couple out at the range…all owners were in love with them. Congrats on the acquisition sir!


David, would you consider giving a review on the PC9, pros and cons? Likes…etc…I have had one of these in my “sights”…


Just finished mounting a red dot right on my carbine. Once I take it to the range I’ll make a full report.

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And? And? reports???

I went to the range yesterday with the red dot mounted and, just let me say, red dot sights ROCK!


Thunderstorms and an internet outage made most of my above post disappear.

The gist of it is that the Ruger PC9 is a fine weapon. Small enough to be maneuverable in close quarters but solid and accurate out to reasonable pistol ammo distances.

Separating the fore end from the receiver is easy enough and makes the rifle suitable for a backpack or small case. It reassembles quickly with a solid lockup. the iron sights are both on the fore end so there’s no loss of alignment. The trigger is surprisingly good with little pre-travel and a crisp break.

I carry a Ruger Security 9 and the magazines also fit the carbine, so that was a plus for me. An included magazine well adapter converts the carbine to accept Glock magazines, which might be more convenient for others. (For full specs go to

Overall, I am very pleased with the rifle’s performance and handling. The above targets were shot at only 25 yds and show the potential for consistent accuracy. The 50 yd targets are nearly as good.

On a side note, my daughter picked up an Italian Police Surplus Beretta M1951 the other day. I had my doubts but was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed. She fired the first mag (8 rounds) at 40 feet and held a +/- 3.5" group. And this with never having fired much 9mm of any kind, and mostly shooting smaller handguns with much better sights.

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