My Liberty Safe was lost in a tragic boating accident

Not really.
I don’t have a Liberty.
Anyone want to bet on where all the info on all those customer warranty cards are being shared with?
Liberty Safe Scandal: Parent Company Exposed as Major Donor to Gun-Control Democrats - Report (


The safe could still serve a purpose.Its heavy enough to make an awesome dead fall type booby trap.


Someone in Biden’s DOJ probably thinks Wiley Coyote can outfit a Brigade with all the safes he’s bought!


In Liberty Safe’s defense, when it comes to political contributions, if you want to succeed in a kleptocracy you have to grease the palms of whoever is in power as well as whoever might be in the future.

Would be interesting to know how much money the parent company gave to the Republican Party and whether it was noticeably more or less.

Before Trump ran for President he had actually donated slightly more money to Democrats than he did to Republicans.

I’ll buy a safe when I find one that is has a user programmable combination. Until then, I use alternative means to secure my firearms.

“Someone in Biden’s DOJ probably thinks Wiley Coyote can outfit a Brigade with all the safes he’s bought!”

​OK John two-ninety-2,

That’s really good! :smiley:

There are lots of safes out there that the user can set the combo on both mechanical and electronic.

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and it means nothing if the safe has a original combo set by the factory that can’t be changed or a key.

Well it might mean something if the companies didn’t give them away to anyone who asked.

But I am pretty sure the lock on my safe has no backup. When I changed the number on the mechanical lock I was told to make sure I didn’t forget the new number because they would have no way of opening the safe if I did.

Is it even possible for mechanical locks to have more than one combo at a time? I’d also be interested to know if all electronic locks have a back door combo?


Safe? What Safe?
Guns? What Guns?
All my guns ‘drown’ in
Elephant butte Lake this past spring Officer Krupkie!
I was cleaning them ALL @ ONCE! My Bud hit the Gas
un-expectantly and they ALL went Barrel over Stock and drown!
I think it was the politicians that made them Suicidal! All that Hate!
Even the Ammo jumped in Solidarity! I was sooooooooooooo Sad !