More women on the range

12% of women own guns. That number is up but it needs to be higher. Teach your girls, girlfriends, wives, and all their friends to shoot!


I’ve got 3 lovely ladies lined up to go to the range with me to try shooting. Then hopefully classes will follow.


I’d love to see even more women owning firearms. Women get better instinct to protect kids. Women have more respect to deadly tools.
Being frequently on the range I can say sometimes I would trust more armed woman than armed man…


Two of the ladies that want to go to the range with me are single moms. Talk about momma lioness instincts. They both are excited to go.


Bet they’ve got friends… go get 'em!


Lol, I’m trying ma’am!!!


@Zee, do you really think female gun ownership that low or do you think that more women own guns but they’re under their husband’s name? (i.e. their husband introduced them to guns and the women just took ownership of the gun?)

I’ve got a skewed view based on where I work. :smiley:


I think that number is about right where I work. But not where I live. Missouri, just sayin’. :wink:


I’ve tried to find statistics for last year… almost impossible :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I can find all stupid and crazy stuff but not much about firearms… however, based on where and who made the survey % of women personally own a gun is between 17% - 22% (2019).


That I have. While my wife isn’t willing to CC, she is very proficient with all of my firearms. In fact, she’s a better shot than I am with just a fraction of the training. I tip my hat to her. There is no doubt that in a home defense scenario she could neutralize the threat.


More Women? Cool because that includes my kid sister, Sis Kris, Sweet B, Sis Willi, Willi’s niece Lisa, my lil’ sister Lisa. (All but one of those in the last 12 months.) Dear ol’ Mom already has her permit and carries. I like it when the ladies in my life can defend themselves. That leaves out about a dozen or so others who have been carrying and practicing longer than the last year. Every time one gets their carry permit, I am so proud of them.


@Stone that is AWESOME!!

Any advice or guidance on how long after child birth before a mother may return to the range? What resources are available for new or expectant mothers when it comes to firearms training?

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@Major_Paul, I haven’t seen anything specifically for after-baby, just not-while-pregnant. I’m thinking check with the doc, but I wouldn’t imagine any limitations… just super careful about post-shooting hygiene (wash up after shooting, toss the range clothes in the wash when you get home).

For expectant mothers, I suggest work with a trainer on dry fire training drills, and work with laser ammo or a SIRT type firearm. After baby would be the same training as any other time, but some additional territory to cover might be… what if you’re holding the child when something goes down? Situational awareness while buckling the kid into the car seat or getting kid out of the car, and carjacking while the kid is buckled in scenarios.

Also, sometimes new moms have a change in their feelings about guns (either driven to protect and train, or scared for child’s safety) that can benefit from some working through.

Did you have any questions in particular you wanted to get some ideas on?

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Thank you…this was helpful. I’m surprised there aren’t more resources on this.

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I am too, now that you’ve pointed it up.

@Zee & @Major_Paul there have been a few studies that talk about “impact noise” and the effects to fetus’s. With respect to potential Mom’s (and it’s been a long time ago) IIRC it was recommended not to go to a gun range in close proximity to the firing line when the 3rd trimester was reached as it had a tendency to “upset” the fetus.

Purely anecdotal evidence on my part: My oldest son was present when I won the Sec Nav Trophy rifle for 1K shooting at Camp Perry at about 7 mos in the oven. She said when the first round went down range he kicked the hell out of her (woke him up) but settled down to the sounds of gunfire pretty quickly, That said my wife had an oversized set of ear phones that she played all types of music through her belly to the unborn boys. Both of them are big fans of AC/DC Thuderstruck, as well as Wagner’s music, specifically Flight of the Valkyrie. Both of my guys in the womb tended to respond to hard rock much better than other kinds of music. My assumption is the base and near base of the 1980’s and early 1990’s were soothing.

Obviously for new born’s their hearing is much more acute than ours and protection of that is paramount.

Post Partum: That is up to the mother and what she can tolerate, physically and mentally.

I would submit that if Mom is OK then the fetus will be OK, they have that whole bond thing working. After birth I STRONGLY recommend protecting a child’s hearing to the maximum extent possible. I never knew how much my loss of hearing affected me until after it had been gone for too long.



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Took the GF to the range last weekend. She wants to go again. I hope she will get her CHL soon, but one step at a time.

She has good taste, out of 4 guns, her favorite is my customized 1911…

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My neighbor and I have private live fire instruction coming up at a local range. We are both gun owners. I have my CHL and have completed the handgun basics class at the range, and she has her CHL for WA state and is taking her OR class in the coming weeks. Neither of us have fired our guns so this will be a first for both of us.

Obviously, we will get a run down of the range dos/don’ts but what are your recommendations for general preparation? Assume I don’t know anything. :slight_smile: The last thing I want to do is make the instructor roll his/her eyes because I don’t know what I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


@TLK If you do not have a range bag get one. Unless you are renting everything make sure you have eye and ear protection, ammo, extra mags, hand wipes, sanitizer and mask and any personal items you may need.
Check and recheck to make sure your firearm is empty. Most impotently Have Fun. :+1: :grinning:****