More Ladies' Pro-Unalienable Rights voices needed in pubic. Very effective

It is so easy to get discouraged by all of the anti-unalienable rights gibberish and confusion we hear in the public arena these days. So much of it comes from people who just don’t know any better, intellectually-honest people who could be brought around to the truth if only they heard it from someone they might tend to trust more than others. So then, when thinking about it, if the public discussion or debate concerned some other topic, who would you tend to trust or considered to be more credible than others, whether an individual or group? Someone in your own political party, obviously. But for another, among many others, someone of your own gender, whether male or female.

It occurred to me this morning, while reading some other threads here, how so encouraging it is for me, individually, as a man, to see and hear the ladies stand up and speak up for our unalienable rights, particularly our right to life and our right to acquire, keep and bear arms to protect ourselves from tyranny. There is just something about it, something about seeing ladies stand up in public and tell the truth about our God-given right to keep, bear and use arms that strikes me as being so much more effective in reaching the public, especially in reaching other ladies, than with men. And while we need to be making every long-term, endless effort to be teaching our school children about these rights and the prices that have been paid down through our American history to protect these rights, our most important immediate need seems to be reaching those ladies in the suburbs that pollsters are continually talking about.

USCCA seems to do a pretty good job at putting ladies in the forefront, and so does the NRA. But we need much more of it, ladies armed not only with their firearms but also with the facts, to be active spokespersons for the cause. And it doesn’t have to be so all serious and debate oriented, either. It can be fun, like taking someone to the range with you, or as one of the ladies on this forum suggested, throw a holster party. Or have lady guest speakers at your clubs or whatever. You ladies know how to do it. All of that is best left to you.


@Buzz I think you are right we need to be visible and we need to be heard. I think in part it’s the surprise factor… when I hear “I would never have guessed you were into firearms or second amendment rights” from someone who’s just met me, I’m happy… it means I’m shaking up their assumptions and challenging their view of the world.

If I can do that in a way that makes people think, and not just knee-jerk. I’m doing it right. I mean, if someone’s great grandmother is carrying and advocating for 2A, maybe there’re things to reconsider.

Of course people who know me aren’t surprised, they just want me to take them shooting. That’s a lot of why I started to get my training as an instructor 30 or so years ago, so I could teach them correctly and safely.

I agree with you, we have to not only be brave enough to carry, but also to speak our minds.

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If Shannon Watts and her Moms Demand action ilk can get some screen time, I think we can get @Dawn and @Zee some screen time telling them to shove it!


This weekend was the FREEDOM NOW CONFERENCE in Phoenix, AZ. And I was at it all weekend. and Beth from USCCA was one of maybe 15 women giving speeches. and they all talked about what roll women do and can bring to the conversation when it comes to not only gun laws but also rights. and Beth did a fantastic job. And I even got to meet her as well. I also tried to take a picture to post of her giving her speech but it came out to blurry to use.

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