Michigan Father with (CPL) Is Killed in Carjacking

I am Black man also

Marching solves nothing, that has been done routinely along with vigils. Parrents allowing their children to run wild fosters poor decision making and crime. Schools that cannot meet the basic educational needs and parents not investing in their childrens mental health and well being. Buying name brand clothing has never improved a neighbourhood.

Do not kid yourself, everyine can be racist, no one is immune and one must stay on guard to stay off that road. What has BLM done for these high crime areas? Kaepernick has a Know Your Rights Camp, but he cannot reach everyone.

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Agreed…everyone can be racist but there was nothing racist in what I said. That is my point…and again…does that black life matter? A father can no longer be there for his family.


Surely still under surveillance. If his injuries make flight unlikely, no need to incarcerate and have the taxpayers become financially liable for his medical costs.

Update 1/13/2021
Michigan Father with (CPL) Is Killed in Carjacking.
Tyron Turner Jr. been arrested and charged in the carjacking and fatal shooting of Frederic Hudson in Southfield Michigan carjacking homicide.
Detroit News link below.

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Glad they caught the guy who did this. Now throw the book at him and give him the sentence he deserves. :rage: The guy that got carjacked was just trying to protect himself and that of his family and he got murdered.

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Now I got a question for people in here. What would you do if a similar situation happened and you have armed suspects on both sides of the driver and passenger doors with their guns pointed right at you. You’re trapped in your seat belt. What would you do?

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God is good and justice will be done @AL34 and thanks for the post brother.


@Lakerfan34 I would probably say you want the car, I would put my hands up and say, go ahead and take it. Hopefully that’s what they do, just take the car and leave. I’m sure someone would do something a little different, I don’t know. One thing I won’t do is second guess that mans decision. Maybe he thought he had the drop on them, you never know. I can’t play Monday morning quarterback and say, he should’ve done this or that. I ask this though, Are we ever prepared?


That’s probably what I would do myself. I would say okay man okay I’ll cooperate. Stay cool. You want my car it’s yours.

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